Hillary for Prison 2016


What a “novel” campaign slogan! This seems so “fitting.”

It’s one thing to be the “wife” of the President who enjoyed Pizza, Cigars, and Monica in the Oval Office, and quite another to be investigated for a “high crime.”

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is under FBI “investigation” for conducting official State “security” business outside of her “official office,” General Petraeus style.

Hillary for Prison 2016 02

She of course is “denying” this and playing the game of “Clinton Semantics.”

Check out the video for details of the specific “emails” mentioned beginning at 2:45.

This is a “big” deal, and if this is “true,” Clinton should be getting in an enormous amount of “trouble” and deserves to be “punished” to the fullest extent for her “crimes.”

Anybody buying her claims of “innocence?”

Doesn’t look like it. Not even the FBI who are beginning to “recover” her emails, eliciting an entertaining “tap-dance” around the “truth” by Clinton.

Hillary is completely “disillusioned” and entirely “corrupt,” and the fact that she’s even in the “running” for POTUS right now is a total “disgrace.”

There is no way she should ever be “allowed” to even step a “foot” in the White House.

The only place she should be is in a “prison cell,” and the sad thing is that the possibility of that “happening” is small regardless of what “corruption” is revealed because of her “government” connections and “immense” wealth.

Hillary for Prison 2016 01

We can “only” hope that this “investigation” is quick and the “truth” about Hillary Clinton is “revealed” in time for “voters” to see her for what she really is,  “a fraud and a liar.”

The public is finally “responding” as her poll numbers are “tanking” fast. Not only that, but a “creative” group of people have “decided” to get in on the “action” and have a little “fun” at her expense.

“#HillaryForPrison” is a meme “directed” at her campaign. It isn’t “limited” to social media, either. Those interested in “helping” with the campaign can proudly “display” a yard sign, slap a “bumper” sticker on their car, and sport a “T-shirt” that shows their support for the Democrat candidate.

Hillary for Prison 2016 03

Check out the various “Hillary for Prison 2016” signs. There you can get your own “koozie” to show your support.

Here are some example “tweets” of the signs in action:

All I want for Christmas pic.twitter.com/sJ2z9TkxTR
Hillary For Prison 2016 pic.twitter.com/2nsirj82oz
Hillary For Prison 2016 pic.twitter.com/UyIXxrq5q7
Hillary for Prison 2016 http://t.co/WdlR9buGfZ
Great bumper sticker pic.twitter.com/6JSYpgUTA2

Hillary for Prison 2016 00


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