Obama Legacy

Life After Presidency 05

As we “draw” ever closer to the end of the Obama “presidency,” many folks have already begun “looking” at the president’s “accomplishments” and wondering what exactly his legacy is going to be.

Award-winning inventor of the greatest “fictional” characters of our time, Steven Spielberg will “re-document” the “Obama Legacy” to conform to “Current Truth.”

President Obama has been “consulting” high-profile celebrities about what to do as a “has-been” in his post presidential years.

High on the list of priorities is “damage control” ensuring a positive legacy.

White House staffers state that “nobody is more creative than Spielberg!”

“The advisers said Mr. Spielberg was focused on helping to develop a E.T. ‘narrative’ for Mr. Obama in the years after he leaves office.”

You may ask “why” doesn’t he just let Obama’s record speak for itself? Why a “narrative” to describe it.

Life After Presidency 03

Well, the “answer” is that Barack Obama rather let “revised” history decide whether he was a “good” president.

Especially in the “realm” of foreign policy.

Life After Presidency 04

Bush went into Iraq and toppled a “radical” dictator who not only proved to be a “threat” to America, but also was a “terror” to his own people.

Obama allowed a new dictatorial “regime” to go back in and create the same “mess” all over again by not dealing with “ISIS” the proper way.

He will go down in history as the “doofus” who called one of the world’s most dangerous and deadliest terror groups “Junior varsity,” and allowed them to set up “shop” in the Middle East “killing” thousands along the way.

The Democrats overwhelmingly “support” Obama’s foolish Iranian “nuclear” agreement. Many may one day pay the “ultimate” price for their “blind” devotion.

Life After Presidency 06

Obama needs a monument to his mountain of “lies, deception, deceit” and general “denial of reality” that are, of course, necessary to any people’s “revolution.”

So, as Obama continues seeking a “legacy” by which future generations can remember and “adore” him, he has naturally “renamed” America’s tallest mountain.

Being too “humble” to name a mountain after “himself,” he only named it after the central “policy” of his administration.

Life After Presidency 07

Let’s all welcome… “Mount Denial!”

In an interview on the website Tumblr, Obama was asked what he “expected” to be doing in 10 years. The president took more than “30 seconds” to respond, in a manner that suggested he had not yet “settled” on a good answer.

“I haven’t projected out 10 years,” he said, offering his standard promise to remain “engaged” in policy-making until his “last days” in the Oval Office.

Barryand Mochelle

“I know what I’ll do right after the next president is inaugurated. I’ll be on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut and eating bananas with Michelle.”

Obama Banana

Not exactly “something” you want to be “remembered” for, right?

Life After Presidency 02


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