Buffet Workers

Buffet Workers 02

Is it “wrong” for women to be nude salad platters?

A bar in Sydney sparked “outrage” after using “naked” women as “food” platters.

Public members weren’t sure how “amazing” the party was after seeing “nude” women being used as “plates.”

Buffet Workers 01

Jane Oakley wrote: “Thanks Cruise Bar for so openly showing your contempt for women and contributing to the disgusting view that women’s bodies are just a utensil.”

Ulrike Zimmerman shared a similar view: “Are you out of your minds? Serving food on women’s bodies is not only tasteless but is also promoting a culture where women are objectified. This is the 21st century and it is NOT ok.”

Buffet Workers 08

This created quite an “uproar,” not because guests weren’t “eating” right, but because of the feeling that “plucking” papayas off a lady’s “breast” demeans women.

What does “objectified” mean? I think saying “objectified” is feminists’ way of showing “anger” when women are “appreciated” for their attractiveness.

Feminists have so much “pent up” anger toward men that they get “offended” when men show any signs of “desire” toward women, and offended when women “flaunt their beauty.”

Buffet Workers 06

Women do it in “many” ways, of course, by “wearing revealing clothes, by acting, and by modeling.”

One career that doesn’t “upset” feminists is what they proudly call “Sex Workers,” commonly known as “prostitutes.”

But the work of “Sex Workers” is not altogether “different” from what I call “Buffet Workers.”

What are the “similarities?” Glad you asked.

“Sex Workers” do their job by “lying” on their backs, so do the “Buffet Workers.”
Both are “paid” to have their “bodies” appreciated.
Sex Workers are paid to “produce,” Buffet Workers are paid for “produce.”
Buffet Workers promote “roughage,” Sex Workers promote “roughness.”

Buffet Workers 07

In fact, the “Buffet Workers” encourage good eating habits. People who avoid “vegetables” might think twice if they see an assortment of “carrot” in an attractive holder.

Buffet Workers 03

Given the “difficulties” we are having getting kids to eat healthier school lunches offered by “Food Czar” Michelle Obama, do you think we could “encourage” better eating habits by having the “Buffet Workers” working the lunchrooms with “spatulas” and “specula?”

Buffet Workers 04Buffet Workers 05

Just some “food for thought”

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