Are You Unemployed?

Unemployed 02

Are you “unemployed,” lacking a college “degree,” possessing no discernible “skills,” and suffering from no “work” experience?

Get a job at “Starbucks” or “McDonald’s.”

Or you can go to “work” for the Energy Department as a “diversity inclusion specialist” and earn up to $118,000 a year.

The Department of Energy (DOE) will pay a “Diversity and Inclusion Specialist” up to $118,000 a year, according to a “new” job opening with the “federal” government.

Unemployed 01

The “full-time” position will pay a “minimum” of $90,000 a year to a person who will come up with “effective inclusive practices and policies” for the agency.

“The Diversity and Inclusion Specialist position is located in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE),” the job posting stated.

“The office is responsible for providing leadership, direction, coordination, evaluation and support for managing a diverse workforce and establishing effective inclusive practices and policies at DOE.”

To apply, one must be a diversity and inclusion “expert.” The person hired will “provide” DOE managers with “guidance.”

Unemployed 03

“The Diversity and Inclusion Specialist serves as a subject matter expert and advisor to the Department of Energy (DOE) leadership on diversity management and inclusive practices, and assists with leading the integration of diversity and inclusion principles of into DOE’s workplace culture,” the posting said.

“Provides advice and guidance to supervisors and managers on best practices associated with leading employees from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and aligns inclusion initiatives with the organizational mission, goals, strategies and metrics, in accordance with Executive Order 13583, and guidance provided by the Office of Personnel Management.”

The position also requires developing a “DOE-wide action plan to accomplish diversity and inclusion outcomes” every year. The plans were mandated by the “executive order” signed by President Barack Obama in August 2011.

What a “fabulous” job opportunity!

Unemployed 05

All you have to do is sit around all day “dreaming” up new and clever ways to “include” disparate elements of the Democratic Party coalition.

Think of all the new “rights” and “privileges” you can create out of “thin” air. Bathrooms and break rooms for “transgenders, queers, unisex, and no-sex workers,” safe areas where no “Micro-aggression” can occur against “blacks or Hispanics,” mandatory “sensitivity” training; and on and on.

With great “benefits, liberal vacation, sick days, and leave policy,” not to mention a “pension” to die for, the “lucky” soul who is “hired” for this job will virtually be “set for life.”

But I have a sneaking “suspicion” that ordinary straight “white” males and females need not apply.

Unemployed 04

“White” males and females need not apply.

After all, DOE doesn’t want your “white privilege” getting in the way of “progress.”

30 Good Reasons to think why you are still unemployed.


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