Dawn of Justice

Brady Exonerated 01

Finally the long national NFL “nightmare” is over. The courts have “ruled.” Roger Goodell has been forced to “bow” to the king and “beg” for forgiveness.

Make no “mistake” about it. This is a “complete” capitulation. This ruling has “vindicated” everything said from Day One about “Deflategate.”

That it was a “farce, a joke, a sham.”

It was the “creation” of jealous vindictive men who have spent the “better part” of two decades getting their brains “beat in” by Brady and Belichick and “decided” to hatch the most diabolical “scheme” in the history of human civilization.

And if weren’t for the “courageous” men of New England who “refused” to retreat, to “surrender” or to “blink” they may have gotten “away” with it.

But not on America’s “watch.”

New Englanders don’t let “themselves” get pushed around by “tyrants and dictators.” They fight. Great Britain “learned” it the hard way and now “so has” Roger Goodell.


Sometimes “winning” isn’t enough. Sometimes being proven “innocent” isn’t enough. Sometimes watching your enemy “grovel” for forgiveness isn’t enough.

This is one of those times. We can “forgive” but never “forget.” Not after watching the names of “innocent” men be dragged through the “mud” for the past 6 months.

Not after the NFL league “ran” the biggest “witch” hunt since the “Salem” witch trials.

Brady Exonerated 02

A simple “apology” isn’t enough now. Roger Goodell must be “fired” and then figuratively “stoned to death” in the middle of “Faneuil” Hall.

The world must “see” that you can’t just make up “blatant” lies and get away with it. It’s not “just” for New England but for “all” of America.

Let’s “celebrate” and watch Gisele “dancing”

Maybe now “Führer” Roger Goodell and the NFL “owners” will finally get it that they’re not “running” a dictatorship.

Fuerer Goddell 01

In “tossing” out Tom Brady’s four-game suspension, the federal judge “essentially” told Goodell and the NFL that their “discipline” process stinks.

That there has to be some element of “fairness” no matter who’s in charge, and that they can’t change the “rules” to suit their purposes.

It’s not a hard “concept,” but it sure has “seemed” to be for the NFL.

Every other major sports league has “neutral” arbitration for “disciplinary” issues.

It doesn’t matter if the “commissioner” makes the final say, there’s a “collaborative” process that makes everyone “involved” feel as if they’ve gotten a “fair shake.”

Brady Exonerated 03

That’s was not the case in the NFL, where Goodell is the “judge, jury and executioner.” It’s a system that’s inherently “flawed.”

Instead of actual “justice,” or even “punishments” that have some meaning, it leads to court “wranglings” where the “actual” issue becomes an “afterthought.”

Goddell Crying

Roger Goodell crying.

Roger Goodell is running “scared” and has decided to not show up to NFL “Opening Night” claiming the focus should be on the “game/festivities.”

This is the “first” one he’s ever missed in his entire “tenure” as commissioner until he lost his “sham” case to the NFLPA?

Goodell is the “bully” on the playground who “pushes” everyone around. Then when someone stands up and “punches” him in the nose, he “runs” to the teacher and spends the rest of recess “crying” and sucking his thumb.

Show up, Roger. Let the “boos” be so obscene that they make a “Gary Bettman Cup” presentation sound like a standing “ovation” rain down on you. Bask in it.

Goodell 01

Simply “incredible” that he’s denying the fans a “moment of glory” just because he’s too “stupid” to carry out a legal “investigation and arbitration.”

Please come, Roger. We’ll “string” ya up right “next” to the banner that says “2014 Super Bowl Champions.”

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