Hell Hath No Fury

Hell Hath No Fury 02

After finding out that her man had “slept” with her co-worker, an unknown woman decided to get some “payback” against the very “body part” he had strayed with.

While he was “sleeping,” she snuck up on him, with a “camera” running, and set his “underwear” on fire.


In a 30-second clip the man is seen “asleep” in a white bed wearing just “underwear” and a pair of “high” socks.

The woman, presumably his girlfriend or wife, whose face cannot be seen, carefully and quietly “removes” the blanket that is “partially” covering him.

She then “opens” a bottle of nail polish remover and “slowly” pours some of the liquid over his “groin” area.

With a long lighter, she sets the “front” of his underwear on fire. It only “burns” for about a second before he jolts up, “screaming and batting” at the flames.

“You cheating on me with my fucking co-worker, you didn’t think I was gonna find out?’ she is heard saying as he rolls over and moans, holding his crotch.”

“Get your shit and get the fuck out,” she says, as he falls off the bed and stumbles off camera.

Maybe the guy was “pretending” to sleep cause he thought he was getting a “wake-me-up” blow job. Nope. Dick on fire.

Watching this video made my “own” dick hurt. Like when you see somebody get “kicked” in the balls really hard and “recoils” in agony. Even in the dark world of “infidelity” there have to be some “ground” rules.

“Men can’t hit women and women can’t light dicks on fire. “

Moral of the story: “If you’re going to be unfaithful, don’t leave your jewels vulnerable to a fiery attack.”

Hell Hath No Fury 01

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

A Japanese woman got revenge on her cheating boyfriend by destroying thousands of dollars worth of technology. Furious over his “infidelity,” she tossed his iMac desktop computer, Mac laptop, iPhone, iPad, and other gadgets into a bathtub full of water.

After a woman reportedly learned that her husband was “sneaking” around, she tore apart his Audi R8 V from the inside out, leaving the message “fuck you” with a smiley face on the totaled car’s trunk.

A jealous wife in China chopped off her cheating husband’s penis as he slept, then snuck into his hospital room after he had it sewn back on,  and “hacked” it off again and “tossed” it out the window.

A student at a Japanese University “cut off” a man’s penis with garden sheers and “flushed” the penis down the toilet as an “act of revenge,” according to Japan Today.

Catherine Kieu Becker, the Orange County woman who cut off her husband’s penis and threw it in the “garbage disposal,” appeared in court for a pretrial hearing.

Floridian escort Priscilla Vaughn scored “originality” points by not using blades or scissors, but her own teeth to do the deed. Though her date’s dick is “intact,” the police say she did some major “damage” to his balls.

Virginia Valdez and Julia Huamán Muñoz both attempted to “sever” their husbands’ penises. Julia was successful in the act, “ensuring” that her husband won’t ever be able to have “normal sex” again, while Valdez didn’t completely “lop off” her husband’s pickle, the police say she effectively “disfigured the victim’s genitals,” which is nothing to “shake” a stick at.

Hell Hath No Fury 03

How to Stop Women From Cutting Your Dick Off

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