The Dangers Of Social Media

The Dangers Of Social Media 01 The Dangers Of Social Media 02

“The Dangers of Social Media” is a child predator “social” experiment set up by Coby Persin, a YouTube “prankster.” If you need some sort of idea about “how well the video did,” try almost 10 million views in two days.

That’s because it’s pretty “head-on.” Coby, posing as a “teenage” boy on Facebook, adds and begins “chatting” with various younger girls, with a plan to “meet up” with them all.

The Dangers Of Social Media 04

And it turns out said plan is actually “quite” simple, to the “surprise” of the subjects’ parents, who are also “in” on the experiment.

In every situation, the “respective” girls all decide to meet “up” with Coby, and it doesn’t take him long to “convince” them. The girls even go to the lengths of “waiting” for their parents to leave before “handing” him their address.

And when the moment “finally” comes, they get a bit of a “shock…”

It’s a sobering insight into the “seedy” world of social media and how easy it is to get the “attention” of not just young “girls,” but young people in general.

The Dangers Of Social Media 07

With said generation becoming more and more “tech” savvy, it seems like their “naïve” minds are trailing “behind” and leaving them “open” to manipulation.

But, with that said, there is undoubtedly a “lot” of kids out there that are “alert” to these situations, and will never “accept” a friend request, or “talk” to a stranger online.

Let’s just “hope” that videos like this one have an “effect” on the thousands that aren’t aware of the “dangers,” Parents included.

Talk with your “kids” because you never know what “trouble” they could get into!


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