Heal STL Movement

Michael Brown 02

St. Louis Alderman, Journalist and long-time top “Activist” in the St. Louis area Antonio French opened the “Heal St. Louis” storefront office in Ferguson last August to help “register” black voters and “organize” protester demonstrations.

To celebrate the “life and thug works” of Michael Brown, Ferguson protesters “marked” the anniversary of his death by “rioting,” punctuated with “gun” shots and “looting.”

Michael Brown 03

To protect Ferguson “finest” from the gunfire, Antonio French opened his “Heal St. Louis” office and let the undocumented “customers” celebrated the way it was meant to be celebrated: “by stealing his computers and iPads from the office.”

It’s obvious these fellows were just looking for a “safe” haven until they came across the sign that said “HealSTL” which they obviously interpreted as “Heal Steal”, an affront to their own “lifestyle” choices.

Presented with this “option,” they had no other choice but to “lash” out against their supposed “aggressor” by redistributing his “unfair” advantage in electronic resources.

Michael Brown 01

I know it is “wrong,” but I am curious. When Antonio French “Shook My Head” (SMH), could he “hear” the rocks “rattling” around?

Once again, more “evidence” that the Government should “abolish” private property. These misguided “thugs” would not even think of “looting” from Big Nanny.

There likely wouldn’t be anything to “loot,” but if there was, the “regime” could hire them to loot on behalf of the “Collective,” as they “despise” competition.

Michael Brown 04

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