Hillary Server

Hillary Old 00

Grandma Hillary Clinton would be going to “prison” if she were an “ordinary” person.


The FBI has reportedly taken “possession” of the emails on her “home computer” server, according to U.S. officials cited by the Associated Press.

Hillary Server 01

According to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), at least two of the emails contained “Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information.”


An ordinary “person,” or even a well-known “leader” like General David Petraeus, would be “prosecuted” for moving “classified” information onto a “private” system.

Hillary Server 02

And that is “just” the beginning of her “legal” problems.

Clinton not only allegedly “exchanged” classified information via private e-mail, but also “destroyed” her emails before “handing” them over to the State Department before the government could “determine” for itself which were “personal” and which were “job-related.”

That constitutes a felony, with a three-year prison “sentence” attached.

And that is “just” the beginning of “what” is known.

Much of the “information” emerging on Hillary Clinton “first” emerged from three sources:

“the Benghazi select committee, which the left attempted to dismiss; the independent Judicial Watch organization, which submitted key Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests; and the thorough research of Peter Schweizer, who documented Clinton’s alleged conflicts of interests.”

Hillary “misspoke” when she said she sent no “classified” email. She actually meant to say “I can’t recall sending any classified email.”

Therefore, she is not guilty of “intentional” misdirecting authorities. She is “sorry” about the confusion and “promises” it will never happen again.

Hillary vows to be a “Model of Behavior” if she becomes President.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton

Furthermore, Hillary will “wear” an electronic monitoring device whenever her “duties” as President of the United States require her to leave the White “Rainbow” House grounds.

This time, the Clinton “magic” may not be able to “save” her.

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