Don’t Screw the Ayatollah


John Kerry warns Congress not to “screw Ayatollah Khamenei,” the same guy who still calls for “Death to America and Israel.”

There John Kerry goes again.

Jeffrey Goldberg, the go-to person when the Obama administration wants to get its “position” out because Goldberg is pro-Israel, landed an “interview” with John Kerry.

The top “storyline” is that Kerry is warning the U.S. Congress not to “screw” with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:

“The ayatollah constantly believed that we are untrustworthy, that you can’t negotiate with us, that we will screw them,” Kerry said.

“This”—a congressional rejection—“will be the ultimate screwing. He went on to “argue” that the United States Congress will “prove” the ayatollah’s “suspicion,” and there’s no way he’s “ever” coming back.

Don't Screw the Ayatollah 03

“He will not come back to negotiate. Out of dignity, out of a suspicion that you can’t trust America. America is not going to negotiate in good faith. It didn’t negotiate in good faith now, would be his point.”

Seriously, we are afraid of “ruining” the expectations of an Ayatollah who “defends” calling for the death of “America and Israel:”

And who just “published” a book on how to “defeat” the U.S. and “destroy” Israel?

And who openly “threatens” Israel?

Don't Screw the Ayatollah 02

Would this be the same Ayatollah who tweeted out an image of Obama holding a “gun” to his own head?

Don't Screw the Ayatollah 06

Well, let’s be sure not to “offend” HIM.

Don’t “worry” about what the Iranians say, says Kerry, they don’t “really” mean it:

“Though he says he is in tune with this set of Israeli fears, he does not endorse a view widely shared by Israelis—and by many Americans—that Iran’s leaders, who have often said that they seek the destruction of Israel, mean what they say. I think they have a fundamental ideological confrontation with Israel at this particular moment. Whether or not that translates into active steps to, quote, ‘Wipe it,’ you know …” Here I interjected: “Wipe it off the map.”

Kerry continued: “I don’t know the answer to that. I haven’t seen anything that says to me—they’ve got 80,000 rockets in Hezbollah pointed at Israel, and any number of choices could have been made. They didn’t make the bomb when they had enough material for 10 to 12. They’ve signed on to an agreement where they say they’ll never try and make one and we have a mechanism in place where we can prove that. So I don’t want to get locked into that debate. I think it’s a waste of time here.”

That comment reminds me of the “laughable” interview by anti-Israel U. Michigan Professor Juan Cole, a “darling” of the anti-Israel left, who says that when Iranians chant “Death to America they mean I’d really like to visit Disneyland.”

Don't Screw the Ayatollah 04

But it’s “worse,” Kerry is relying on the “promises” of the Iranian Foreign Minister that Iran will now “work” with us on “regional” issues.

“Kerry also said that his chief Iranian interlocutor, the foreign minister, Javad Zarif, and Zarif’s boss, the (relatively) reformist president, Hassan Rouhani, would be in “serious trouble” at home if the deal falls through. Zarif, Kerry told me, explicitly promised him that Iran will engage with the United States and its Arab allies on a range of regional issues, should Congress approve the deal. “Zarif specifically said to me in the last two weeks, ‘If we get this finished, I am now empowered to work with and talk to you about regional issues.’” Kerry went on, “This is in Congress’s hands. If Congress says no, Congress will shut that down, shut off that conversation, set this back, and set in motion a series of inevitables about what would happen with respect to Iranian behavior, and, by the way, the sanctions will be over.”

We are now the “weak” horse, being “trained” by our masters.

John Kerry is “dangerously” naive.

His boss isn’t “naive,” this is all part of the “Grand Bargain” strategy with Iran Obama has been “pursuing” since he took office, something we highlighted back in June 2009, when Obama abandoned the uprising against the Mullah regime:

“During the campaign and after assuming the presidency, Barack Obama repeatedly stated his willingness to engage in negotiations with Iran without any preconditions. But that was and is not true.

The events of the past two weeks, including the revelation that Obama sent a letter in May to “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reveal that there is one precondition to negotiations which Obama willingly embraces: United States acceptance of Mullah rule in Iran in perpetuity.

Acceptance of Mullah rule, notwithstanding what the people of Iran may want or basic human rights, is the key to the Grand Bargain the Obama administration seeks to strike with Iran. In fact, U.S. help to perpetuate the “Mullahtocracy” appears to be the ONLY precondition.”

Someone is “going” to get screwed here, and it’s “not” the Ayatollah.

Son of Kenya 10

At the American University in Washington, D.C., “Mullah” Obama spoke about the Iran “nuclear” deal and declared hardliners chanting “death to America” as the ones opposed to that deal and said they were “making common cause” with Republicans.

“I recognize that resorting to force may be tempting in the face of the rhetoric and behavior that emanates from parts of Iran. It is offensive. It is incendiary. We do take it seriously. But superpowers should not act impulsively in response to taunts, or even provocations that can be addressed short of war. Just because Iranian hard-liners chant ‘death to America’ does not mean that that’s what all Iranians believe. In fact, it’s those hard-liners who are most comfortable with the status quo. It’s those hard-liners chanting ‘death to America’ who have been most opposed to the deal. They’re making common cause with the Republican caucus.”

“Shut out the noise. Consider the stakes involved with the vote you will cast. If Congress kills this deal, we will lose more than just constraints on Iran’s nuclear deal or what we have painstakingly built. We will have lost something more precious—America’s credibility as a leader of diplomacy. America’s credibility is the anchor of the international system. John F. Kennedy cautioned here, more than 50 years ago at this university, that the pursuit of peace is not as dramatic as the pursuit of war. But it’s so very important. It is surely the pursuit of peace that is most needed in this world so full of strife. My fellow Americans, contact your representatives in Congress, remind them of who we are. Remind them of what is best in us and what we stand for. So that we can leave behind a world that is more secure and peaceful for our children. Thank you very much.”


Mullah Obama’s catastrophic “tenure” at 1600 Pennsylvania, like Hillary Clinton’s “catastrophic” tenure at Foggy Bottom, the Russian “reset,” the trial run for the “Muslim Brotherhood” in Egypt, the launching of the “Libyan” chaos, the hasty “withdrawal” from Iraq and the subsequent “vacuum” into which the Islamic State “moved,” will be remembered “hardly” at all once Iran gets the “bomb” as now guaranteed.

That is the bottom line of the Iran “deal.” Iran is now a legitimized “soon-to-be” nuclear state. Children born today won’t have started “world history” in 9th grade before Iran has “nukes.”

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