Washington Monument

As frightening weather has been “hitting” Washington, D.C., people across America are “wondering” if God is sick and tired of President Barack Obama and his administration.

In this photo “lightning” strikes the Washington Monument, at its tip, 555 feet in the air, which was “captured” by a photographer at USA Today.

Is there really a God 03

It was taken with a 6-second camera “exposure” that looks slightly “blurry” because of the rain.

God is all-powerful, and can “see” exactly what Obama is “doing” to the greatest country on Earth.

The photo makes you “realize” that God is still in control… and “NOT” Obama. Could this “extreme” weather be a “sign?

Obama should “listen” to God’s warning about his “unholy” agenda.

Is there really a God 02

Since Obama also “disapproves” of the Founding Father, George Washington, who owned “slaves and was seditious,” the Monument that “bears” his name should “either” come down, or be “renamed” after Barack Hussein Obama.

Governing vs. Golf 01
Dear Lord…..“next time please catch Obama on the golf course while he is putting!” AMEN


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