Chill Out Moments

Chill Out Moments 00“Barbie with Curves”

All women are gorgeous no matter what they look like.

“Bohemian Carsody”

I’m loving the girl sitting in the middle with a little up skirt action.

“No Cake for the Dog”

That’s a tragedy. No other way to put it.

“Chubby Dancing Kid”

Swooning the girls at early age.

“George Costanza’s 50 Best Moments”

Great clip to start off the week laughing.

“Best Rugby Fights”

Or face shattering.

“Hillary Clinton’s Chipotle Order”

Bonne Appétit.

“Hot Brazilian Chicks Playing Twister”

Muchas gracias, Senoritas.

“Running of the Urinals”

Taking us into the weekend.

“Nap Time”

Need a whole case of that?

“Rope Swing Fails”

Awful publicity for Rope people.

“Mind over Beer”


“Nerd Fights Back”

His ego never stood a chance.

“In Awe of Lingerie Football”

Boom Tits…

“Kramer’s 50 Best Moments”


“Wake Up With Gold Fish on your Head”

The most Fun a Girl Can have…

“Blades of Steel”

Tampa Bay Lightning: We want the Cup…

“Wake Up With Jerry Seinfeld”

History in the making…

“Seattle Mist’s Chris Michaelson Is the best LFL Coach”

I don’t know why he’s not a head coach in the NFL.

“Best Of Caddyshack”



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