Nick Saban Life Advice

Nick Saban 00

Nick Saban would “cheat” on his wife, Terry, with one person and one person only: “Hillary Fucking Rodham Clinton.”

Nick Saban 01

Such a genius “move” from Saban here, but then again, what other moves does Saban make?

Shouldn’t be much of a surprise that his “life advice” off the field is just as good as his advice on it.

1) Don’t waste your life chasing pussy, let it come to you.
2) If you haven’t locked up the pussy by midnight, it ain’t happening.
3) Only fuck around with somebody who has as much to lose as you do.

So simple, yet so brilliant. Sure you’d expect your coach and mentor to tell you “not to sleep around” on a significant other, to stay “committed” no matter what, but hey, Saban’s a “pragmatist.”

This is the “real” world that he’s trying to get these kids “prepared” for. People are gonna “cheat” no matter what you say, might as well give them the best “advice” you can about it.

And make no mistake about it, “you never want to sleep with anybody who has less to lose than you do” is that advice.

Perfect answer from Saban.

Hillary Old 00

Is Hillary the “hottest” woman in the world? Is she the biggest sexual “spark plug” that revs you up and makes you want to “mess” around on your wife or girlfriend?

Not exactly. But she’s “Hillary Fucking Rodham Clinton.” The most powerful man in Alabama and the most powerful woman in the world, a match made in “cheating” heaven.

Just remember, Nick, to keep your “secret” correspondence to texts and phone calls only.

Old “hag” Hillary’s not so good with the “privacy” of her email correspondence.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

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