Feminist Equal Treatment

Feminist Equal Treatment 01

While waiting in line at a bar, De’Andre Johnson, the quarterback for Florida State University, physically “assaulted” a female patron by brutally “punching” her in the face. The video of the assault went “viral” over social media, “outraging” people across the country. The majority of Americans “condemned” Johnson and his actions, calling him an “embarrassment” that has no place in higher education, especially as a “role” model for the youth who look up to him.

The Florida academic community was “horrified” by the incident and demanded that Johnson be “kicked” out of the prestigious university for his “cowardly” behavior. FSU quickly “granted” the demand. Since his “dismissal,” Johnson has not only been “removed” from the football team but is no longer even allowed to “return” to the FSU campus.

Feminist Equal Treatment 01

However, not everyone “shared” the same sentiment. A feminist group who call themselves “Radical Feminists of America” publicly defended Johnson, claiming that he is obviously someone who overlooks “gender” in his decision-making, as evidenced by the fact that he “punched” the 21 year old female, who was out celebrating her birthday, just as “hard and with just as little restraint” as if she were a man.

“He deserves our praise, not our anger,” said the spokeswoman for the group nicknamed Big Red. “It was a very brave thing for him to do, striking a female-identified person in a public place, in a society dominated by patriarchy and male chauvinism. Who’s to say that a female should be spared a physical assault just because of her gender?”

Feminist Equal Treatment 02

“There are a lot of brainwashed men out there who conform to society’s gender-based expectations, thinking they’re too good to fight with a woman. It’s just as wrong as not hiring a woman for any job just because of her gender. We applaud Johnson’s actions as proof that our society is evolving to be more accepting of modern understanding of gender equality.”

The statement has “caught” the attention of internet users who have shared the RFA’s position on the “treatment” of females by males. Some progressive commenter “agree” that it should be socially acceptable to “strike” a woman, discarding the patriarchal taboo “forbidding” a man to hit women like they would hit other men, while others “insist” that, in spite of all the academic data “accumulated” by Women’s Studies departments, it is still “wrong” to hit anyone, especially a woman.

The debate over Johnson’s actions and whether it was an act of “equal” treatment or a “cowardly and detestable” thing to do has been “raging” across an uncountable number of Internet “profiles and posts,” both small and large. The “Radical Feminists of America” have since started a “petition” to force FSU to bring “back” Johnson and to formally “apologize” for his recent “dismissal” from the university.

Feminist Equal Treatment 03

Red- “I can’t feel nothin’; Gotta be hit by sumthin’. Hit me Johnson.”
Johnson- “I don’t wanna do it!”
Red- “Hit me Johnson. Hit me Johnson. Hit me Johnson.”

If you’re in the mood to dismiss academic “Gender Studies” as fleeting nonsense, consider that you are yourself are about to be “dismissed” as fleeting nonsense by the amassed “works” of authoritative scientists in “Women’s Studies.” They are the ones creating a new “paradigm” in the heads of the new “generation,” and who exactly are you?

You are only an “insignificant” conformist who bitterly “clings” to his/her/its imposed sexual “identity” and doesn’t have the guts to challenge “gender” expectations imposed on you by the “patriarchal” society, accepting your “gender role” as a male or a female solely due to “social” conditioning, which is based on the “archaic” understanding of gender as “men/women” only.

That faulty “binary” vision of gender has already been disproved: “humanity has always consisted of multiple genders,” of which the ruling classes didn’t want you to know until the “progressives” took over the academia and began to speak “truth” to power and redefining the meaning of “normal.”

Don’t think you’re “normal” because you’re not. You are “cisgender” – a person who by “nature or by choice” conforms to gender based “expectations” of society. Also referred to as “Gender Straight” or “Gender Normative.”

In other words, you are a “bitter” clinger to your “guns,” your “religion,” and your “sexual” identity. As such you have no business “questioning” enlightened academic “discourse.”

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Feminist Equal Treatment 05

Trans and Sexuality Terminologies


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