The New “D” Flag

The Confederate Flag 02

As everyone knows by now, the “cleansing” of the South from its “heritage and historical” roots have seen a major “upheaval” in the past weeks thanks to Obama’s “Hope & Change” social justice agenda to bring about “racial” healing to America.

No longer is the “Confederate” flag to be seen or flown anywhere.

Because of the Charleston “shooting,” in which the “historic” Confederate flag had a “major” part in causing, the flag will be made “obsolete” and “banned” forever .

Everything the Confederate flag stood for: “democrats, slavery, hate, racism, homophobia and the eternal plantation,” will now be embodied and replaced in this new, “trendy” flag that represents not only our “modern” times, but the progress to the future of “Next Tuesday.”

The Confederate Flag 03

But do not “fret” over this change, the “symbolism” will still be the same: “democrats, slavery, hate, racism, homophobia and the eternal plantation.”

Here is a suggestion for a “simpler,” new flag to help “indoctrinate” the proles to the new “image” of the South, something they can “easily” get their little consciousness “minds”around.

The Confederate Flag 04

How about just a simple “white” bed sheet to wave. This will help them to easier accept the “defeat” if they are accustomed to “waving” this flag.

I would have suggested a “black” flag because some may think a “white” sheet can be racist but it is the perfect “epitaph” symbol for them. Also we wouldn’t want our brothers, the “ISIS” freedom fighters, to think we are copying them.

This new “D” flag isn’t so much about “defeating” Republicans, since that job has already been “delegated” to American Pravda (AP) and such clever photographers that can actually make a “gun point itself” at one of the many Republicans candidates as a way of “convincing” us all that guns need to be “banned.”

The Confederate Flag 05

The new “D” flag will remind the young “lo-fos” which Party is cooler and trendier.

What would you rather have “tattooed” to your forehead for the next 80 years, an old, worn out “Confederate” flag that still has the colors of “red, white and blue,” or a cool-looking trendy circle with a big blue “D” for “Dummy, Delinquent, Delusional, Dunce and Dipstick” in the center of it?

I think the answer is obvious. The new “D” flag isn’t about “surrender;” it’s about making more “slaves.”

Guns for Liberals


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