Speaker Fees

Speakers Fee 01

Democratic presidential “wannabee” Hillary Clinton, under “pressure” from other candidates “rising” poll numbers, proved once again that she is the “only” candidate who truly understands the plight of the “everyday” American voters.

Hillary Broke 06

“I know what it’s like to worry about whether the next paycheck will be enough,” she said.

“Whether there’s milk in the fridge for the kids and the cat. Whether the family car will make it through another winter. I’m just like everybody else, just like all of you hard-working tax-paying people out there, and I want you to know that I have a plan to reduce the government deficit without reducing the services our wonderful bureaucracy provides all you wonderful citizens.”

“If elected, I promise that for my entire first term as President of the United States, every time I hold a press conference, I will waive my speaker’s fee.”

Hillary Broke 01

Wow! That’s mighty “white” of you, Queen Hillary! Good luck with the reduction of the “deficit,” while providing all those wonderful “benefits” to all of us “everyday” citizens!

And Chelsea gets $65,000 per speech for doing nothing? The Clintons are as “crafty” as they are “greedy.” I can see “Casanova” Bill raising his fee to “compensate” for Hillary’s shortcomings.

Hillary Broke 03

Obviously, they’ve “realized” this is a much easier way of “making” money than “renting” out the Lincoln bedroom.


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