Holy Revelation

Holy Revelation 04

Since 2008, President Barack Obama, has been doing “yeoman” service keeping the sea levels lowered to save humanity from the harmful effects of “Hope and Change.”

Even though “Hope and Change” is good, Climate Change is not!

With super human effort, our “Glorious Leader” has kept the rise of the seas in check since we all know that New York City was predicted to be underwater by now, as reported in the 2009 by our “State Controlled Disinformation Collective” and only Obama’s super-human effort could have forestalled it:

And, now President Obama has found a “friend” in Saint Francis. The Pope has come to the “aid” of President Obama to take some of the “heat” off of his wide shoulders.

The Pope has released an encyclical “Apocalypse” designed to end “Climate Change” before “Next Tuesday!”

Holy Revelation 03

The “Apocalypse” of Saint Francis in his own words…

“Unsustainable consumption coupled with a record human population and the uses of inappropriate technologies are causally linked with the destruction of the world’s sustainability and resilience. Widening inequalities of wealth and income, the world wide disruption of the physical climate system and the loss of millions of species that sustain life are the grossest manifestations of unsustainability. The continued extraction of coal, oil and gas following the “business as usual mode” will soon create grave existential risks for the poorest three billion, and for generations yet unborn. Climate change resulting largely from unsustainable consumption by about 15% of the world’s population has become a dominant moral and ethical issue for society. There is still time to mitigate unmanageable climate changes and repair ecosystem damages, provided we reorient our attitude toward nature and, thereby, toward ourselves. Climate change is a global problem whose solution will depend on our stepping beyond national affiliations and coming together for the common good. Such transformational changes in attitudes would help foster the necessary institutional reforms and technological innovations for providing the energy sources that have negligible effect on global climate, atmospheric pollution and ecosystems, thus protecting generations yet to be born. Religious institutions can and should take the lead in bringing about that change in attitude towards Creation.”

Holy Revelation 01

The “Catholic” Church, working with the leadership of other “religions,” can now take a decisive role by “mobilizing” public opinion and public funds to meet the “energy” needs of the poorest 3 billion people, thus allowing them to “prepare” for the challenges of “unavoidable” climate and Eco-system changes.

Such a “bold and humanitarian” action by the world’s religions acting in unison is certain to “catalyze” a public debate over how we can “integrate” societal choices, as “prioritized” under UN’s sustainable development goals, into sustainable “economic” development pathways for the 21st century, with projected population of 10 billion or more.

Holy Revelation 02

The Pope’s answer to “Climate Change?” Collectivist Redistribution! Who would have thought of this biblical “Revelation?”

We can see the “End Times” right before our eyes!

Holy Revelation 05

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Pope improves Armageddon with Climate Change Prophecy


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