Green Cards

Green Cards 05

When you want to fundamentally “transform” America, and make it quietly gradual, green cards can help.

Granted, “Common Core” public education is a great tool helping us, the people, to “UN-learn” the Constitution, but foreigners, “legal or illegal,” are even better because they already “don’t know” the Constitution.

Green Cards 00

Not knowing their “rights” as citizens makes foreign workers and peasants a lot more “tractable.” Some of them don’t “speak” English and most can’t “read” cursive, which is what the “Constitution” was originally written in.

It is a simple way to transition from constitution to communism. We need results much “quicker” and the foreign “immigrants” will get us there.

The “individualistic” American culture is “foreign” to foreigners and with the way things stand now, they won’t be “allowed” to learn it.

Green Cards 12

Obama willing, ten years later we’ll all be “speaking” a foreign language and all our new American “workers and peasants” will ever know about the Constitution is that it’s some “obscure” document written in “forgotten “cursive.

Progress is moving rapidly and “Next Tuesday” is ever so close.

Judging by the 10-gallon hat, this man must be a “Texan,” and he’s reading the new “constitution” of his republic. So what seems to be the problem?

Green Cards 09

One part of my “foreign policy” plan, Obama explained, is to conduct a forward thinking “proactive” policy of sending our Armed Forces south and east into the “oppressed” countries from which many millions of economic “refugees” are escaping to the United States.

As wise “Democrats” know, millions and millions of the poor in those countries “yearn” for and “dream” of living in the United States where they can “enjoy” their lives in “peace” and productivity.

Obviously we “must” help these people. Obama’s plan will “turn” Central and South American countries into “new” States of our great Nation thus “humanely” liberating those people and giving them new “hope,” small “change” and “freedom.”

Green Cards 02

We will use the U.S. military in a “humanitarian” effort, and once the “integration” is accomplished, will give the Democratic party many new “loyal” voters.

All we need is “compassion” in our hearts.

Green Cards 08

And let’s not forget the “Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA) signed by Bill Clinton, a “true lover of women,” that allows any woman, especially those from other countries, to “accuse” the man they hook up with “abuse.”

After the “hookup,” all they have to do is to get the guy to “marry” her. Having achieved that step, the next one is to “file” for divorce.

They don’t even have to “provide” proof. It’s assumed they “experienced” this abuse because women are “reluctant” to mention the details of the “transgressions” because of “shame”, therefore should be granted to “dissolve” the bonds of matrimony and “marry” a new victim.

Green Cards 04

Voila! Instant “Green Card!” And, in many cases, “US citizenship.”

I despise these so called “privileged” green cards as exclusive and “racist,” as they marginalize the “chlorophyll” challenged!

They come here and “displace” the underprivileged and unfortunate citizens just because they “will do what American workers won’t do.”

Green Cards 10

President Obama, our “fearless” leader, has “promised” Immigrants, “When you have a job, you can keep it. Period.”

Democrats have “battled” Republicans for months and now they can begin “issuing” millions of work “authorization” permits.

Green Cards 06

The Obama administration is almost “finished” with the process of “amnesty” by circumventing congress.

The next process is a “rubber stamp for citizenship.”

Green Cards 11

Obama Administration’s Rubber-Stamping of Citizenship
Officers are Pressured to Rubber Stamp Applications’ of Illegal Aliens
Don’t Let Obama’s ‘Massive Unilateral Amnesty’ Go Through
Dwindling Years As President ‘Concentrates The Mind’
Who Voted to Bring 33 Million Immigrants North?



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