Hillary Asks Donors for $1

Hillary Broke 02

In a desperate attempt to engender support for her presidential bid, Hill Clinton “humbly” asks “everyday” Americans to “chip in a buck.”

In an email Clinton writes, “I’m asking you to step up today, give just $1, and become a ‘Launch Donor,’ one of the tough, essential supporters who stood with me from the very beginning.”

Hillary Broke 04

But Clinton says it’s not “about” the dollar.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about knowing that when I step on the stage, you’re with me. You have my back, just like I’ll have yours.”

The ask is a lot “less” expensive than the one Clinton is making of those who want to attend the “fundraiser” with singer Jon Bon Jovi. A ticket to that “event” costs between $1,000-$2,700.

Hillary Broke 03

To be fair, one must consider the “horrible” financial condition she and Bill were in when they “left” the White House. They were dead broke, a poor, homeless couple living on the street.

So, it’s understandable that she might need a little financial “pick-me-up.” I use the term “little” literally.

Hillary Broke 07

This reminds me so much about what people were going through during the “Great Depression” when so many “everyday” Americans had contributed so much to our country, only to find “themselves” at the end of a financial rope.

They were in true “despair” and humiliatingly “desperate.”

Hillary Broke 06

Since Bon Jovi felt it appropriate to perform a fundraiser for her, I thought it appropriate to include a song from the “Great Depression,” a big hit at the time, called “Brother Can You Spare A Dime?”

I know you’ve “heard” it before, but somehow I think it’s “time” to give it a new listen. There are so many “versions,” not all from the past.

Hillary Broke 01

In fact, some are quite “recent,” but I chose this one because those “feelings” are just as real today as they were then. The lyrics are “quite” touching.

Hillary Broke 05

I think our presidential “aspirant” Hill Clinton may have confused “dead broke with morally bankrupt” but that’s a different story.

We must turn once again to “Hollywood” for proper “gold digger” assistance:

Hillary Broke 08

Dead Broke


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