Another Brazil

Another Brazil 04

Marcel Van Hattem: “I don’t want to live in another country; I want to live in another Brazil!”

What is “going” on in Brazil? Many people abroad are now asking this question, after years of a “continuous and false” marketing campaign claiming that Brazil was an “emerging economy, a BRIC, a prosperous and democratic country.”

Another Brazil 01

I lived abroad, in the US, the Netherlands and Denmark, and I had to “see, hear or read” constantly in the foreign media that Brazil was a “booming” economy, mainly because our federal government said so.

Such a lie!

Now, people are out on the streets protesting. Our economy is “ruined, corruption is rampant and a severe moral and political crisis” is threatening our young democracy.

Another Brazil 03

The ruler’s party, PT, is allied to “communists and populists” around the continent, such as Cuban Fidel Castro, Venezuelan Hugo Chávez and Bolivian Evo Morales, as well as to “terrorists” such as Colombian FARCS.

So, what is going on in Brazil? If you want to “know” what are we talking about when it is said that we live in a “deep political, economic and moral crisis,” watch this video to which I added subtitles in English so you can forward it to your friends around the globe.

It was my “inauguration” speech as state representative in the State Parliament of Rio Grande do Sul, given on February 10th.

I hope you then understand why we, Brazilians, do not want to live in another “country.” We want to live in “another” Brazil.

A prosperous, democratic and FREE Brazil!

Marcel was “discerning” a run for his state legislature. His chances were “slim,” but through a huge amount of effort in a “principled” campaign, he won by a “narrow” margin.

While “core” effort should be to change the “culture,” not politics, our ideas and decisions have “consequences” in the real world, and a transformed culture will “energize” good leaders, like Marcel, to discover their “vocation” in the political realm and to use their “talents” to expand individual freedom.

Another Brazil 05

Sadly, the “same” cannot be said about “American” politicians.

After watching this video, I hope you will be “inspired” to share this video with your friends. It is an urgent “moment” in our culture, and you can “make a difference” next time you are “heading” to the polls.

Another Brazil 07

Because I, too, don’t want to live in “another” country; I want to live in a “free and prosperous” America.


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