Allah’s Rules and Hodud

Allah's Rules and Hodud 00

ISIS distributed a circular clarifying “Allah’s rules and Hodud” in a mosque in al- Raqqa City.

“Hodud” refers to the Islamic “punishments” carried out against someone who commit a “deadly” sins.

The circular states “Islamic State believes in Allah almighty, who revealed the Qur’an, and denies the United Nations which fights Allah, and due to we disbelieve of the rules legislated by human beings we promise Allah almighty to carry out his Sharia Law on his land among his worshipers even though the Unbelievers may detest it.”

The circular continues “We clarify Allah’s Hodud” for people by mentioning the “sin” and its “punishment” as follows:

The punishment of insulting Allah is the death.
The punishment of insulting the prophet is the death even though the person repent.
The punishment of insulting Islam is the death.
The punishment of adultery is to stone the married person to death and to whip the single person 100 whips and exile for 1 year.
The punishment of sodomy is to kill both men who do this sin.
The punishment of thievery is to cut the person’s hand.
The punishment of drinking alcoholic is the whip of 80 whips.
The punishment of accusing somebody of adultery is the whip of 80 whips.
The punishment of spying for the sake of unbelievers is the killing.
The punishment of apostasy is the death.
The punishment of banditry is the killing and crucifying if the person kill and take money, if he kill somebody he will be killed in turn, if he take money’s people his right hand and his left leg will be cut and the person who panic people will be exiled.

“We make people fear of Allah and call them to win Allah’s mercy by obeying his order and keep away from his prohibitions, where the real warfare in doing this. Therefore, the ruler who does not carry out Allah’s Sharia has no goodness. We are not going to tolerate in carrying out this great purpose, where IS has sacrificed hundreds its righteous sons, and it even carry out Allah’s law on its own members like killing some of them.”

Allah's Rules and Hodud 01

Allah's Rules and Hodud 02

Punishment for being gay.

Allah's Rules and Hodud 03

Allah's Rules and Hodud 04

Punishment for stealing.

Allah's Rules and Hodud 05

Punishment for adultery by stoning.

Allah's Rules and Hodud 07

Allah's Rules and Hodud 06


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