National Security Threat

National Security Threat 04

At a time when the U.S. military is facing major “threats” on multiple fronts, most immediately, the advances of the “Islamic State” in Syria and Iraq, where the “terror group” recently seized Ramadi, President Obama told U.S. Coast Guard Academy graduates that “climate change” needs to be added to that list of “National Security Threats.”

“This is not just a problem for countries on the coast or for certain regions of the world. Climate change will impact every country on the planet.”

“No nation is immune,” the president said. “So I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act, and we need to act now.”

National Security Threat 00

The president “delivered” the message at the “Coast Guard Academy” in New London, CT.

The president in recent months has pressed for action on “climate change” as a matter of “health,” as a matter of “environmental” protection and as a matter of “international” obligation.

He even couched it as a “family” matter, linking it to the “worry” he felt when one of his daughters had an “asthma” attack as a preschooler.

His speech to the cadets, by contrast, “focused” on what the Obama administration says are immediate risks to “national security,” including contributing to more “natural disasters” that result in “humanitarian crises” and potential new “flows of refugees.”

ISIL greatest national security threat since 9/11: US MP

Further, the president said he sees “climate change” aggravating “poverty and social tensions” that can fuel “instability” and foster “terrorist” activity and other “violence.”

Obama said the cadets would be part of the “first” generation of officers to begin their “service” in a world where it is increasingly clear that “climate change will shape how every one of our services plan, operate, train, equip and protect their infrastructure.”

As for the “impact” in the U.S., Obama pointed to “streets” in Miami and Charleston, S.C., that “flood” at high tide and to “military” bases around the country already feeling “negative” effects.

“Around Norfolk, high tides and storms increasingly flood parts of our Navy base and an air base,” Obama said of military facilities in Virginia.

“In Alaska, thawing permafrost is damaging military facilities. Out West, deeper droughts and longer wildfires could threaten training areas our troops depend on.”

National Security Threat 02

With the Republican led Congress “resistant” to Obama’s push for more “environmental” regulation in response, the president has been using “executive orders” to cut greenhouse gas “emissions” and making the issue a “theme” of his speeches.

But his “climate change” agenda has drawn strong political “opposition” and a number of “legal” challenges. Many of the GOP presidential “candidates” for 2016 have said that taking “unilateral” steps to address climate change could “hurt” the U.S. economy.

Later, he was visiting Stamford, CT., for a Democratic “fundraiser” at a private home, with about 30 supporters “contributing” up to $33,400 each.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has called climate change the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

Warnings over “climate change” have become increasingly “dire” from the scientific community lately, and Kerry is reportedly expected to make a “series of speeches” on the subject this year as the United Nations works toward an “agreement” that will have all member states agreeing to “curb” their emissions.

Now where Barack Obama has “decreed” that climate change has become a “serious” US Security Threat, my question is how many “resources” will President Obama “deploy” to attack this “National Security Threat” called “climate change?“

Mustang Mayhem

Can we deploy our new “F-35 Strike Fighters” against it? Can we deploy more “boots on the ground” to stop the “climate change?”

National Security Threat 06

Was “climate change” what Assad used to “attack” Syrian Rebels? Is “climate change” responsible for ISIS murderous “killings and beheadings?”

If I “recall” correctly, Barack Obama drew a “red line” in the sand and ordered Assad to “destroy” his cache of “climate change.”

National Security Threat 01

“Climate Change” coming to America.

Back in Cairo in 2009, Barack Hussein Obama vowed on the “Holy Qur’an” to speak the “truth,” yet he proceeds to do “nothing” of the kind right after he “says” that.

National Security Threat 07

Obama has continued to “lie” to the American people as well as our “allies” ever since then, evidently taking a “page” from Islam that permits “deception and lying” to the unbelievers on behalf of “jihad.”

Muslim world “reacts” to Obama’s latest speech.

Even Egyptian TV political panel discusses Obama’s “climate-change-is-our-biggest-security-threat” address to Coast Guard Academy.

They don’t discuss President Obama in such “frank” terms on American television, but then again, Egypt fell to the “Muslim Brotherhood” with Obama’s support and, no thanks to him, managed to “escape” becoming another Iran.

For those that understand “Poe’s Law” no further disclaimer is required. For those that don’t………I suggest you look it up.

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