Shower Time Limits

Shower Time Limits 00

In an effort to “preserve” California water supplies during the latest manifestation of “Global Warming”, Governor Jerry Brown has “proposed” heavy fines for residents who violate the ban on long showers.

It is not clear “how” Jerry Brown will enforce the “ban,” however the idea of “shower-observers” has found popularity among some eager “enforcers,” including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Shower Time Limits 08

Remember, Americans, “five” minute showers.

Also add some “condemnation” to the rich for using a bit more, who are “excused” by using Obama “water vouchers.”

Shower Time Limits 02

The “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” community is also enthusiastically endorsing “conserving” water in the shower.

Under Obama’s leadership EPA is working diligently on “water conservation” recommending showers shall have mandatory time limits similar to “navy showers.”

“This method requires three steps: 1) turn on water to rinse body and hair; 2) turn off water while shampooing hair and washing body with soap and washcloth; 3) resume water flow and rinse off all shampoo and soap. Using this technique, the total duration of water flow can easily be reduced to 5 minutes or less.”

Shower Time Limits 04

Since it is good for the “military,” it must be good for all “Americans.”

This recommendation reminds me of a “tale” that my father used to tell us kids. He and his six brothers would always try to get to the “front of the line” on their weekly bath night. Water was “scarce” on the farm and during “droughts” the well was known to “run” dry. This led them to have to “share” bathwater and nobody wanted to be the “last” to bathe in the tub, for obvious reasons. It appears as if those “glory” days are soon to return.

Shower Time Limits 05

The government does not “stop” at the showers. EPA will monitor how much you “drink, flush, shave,” and use for your “own” benefit.

California Water Authorities announced a new “tool” in the fight against “water wasters.”

Cooperating with EPA’s measures of monitoring how much you “use” water as well as “limiting” shower times, they now are going into the next “phase” controlling the water flow via “Smart Meters.”

This is a great thing to happen to California and Governor Brown should be congratulated for this most equal “water conservation” innovation.

EPA is “monitoring” the California progress to see if this idea can be “implemented” nationwide.

It is the perfect “symbol” of the Democratic Party: “Caring for its citizens, charge the people to make water available, and penalize them financially for using it!”

Shower Time Limits 03

It’s time that Americans start to learn how to “ration and recycle” water, because the shadow “workers in waiting” from south of the border, and the “Muslim migrants” from the Islamic world, are certain to have a leg-up on us in this regard.

Daily bathing is “completely” unnecessary, and a “capitalistic” luxury.

Remember that when you bathe, you are “depriving” millions of others of the “hydration” that is necessary to “sustain” their very existence.

Bathing and Showering is “selfish,” pure and simple. Don’t do it.

Shower Time Limits 07

Swimming pools are no longer needed in California.

Water is a precious “source for life” as we all know. Now where California is going “dry” and need “all the water they can get,” Actor William Shatner, 84, best known for his role as Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek, found a solution that will “prevent” California becoming another “desert” like their neighbor Nevada.

Shower Time 02

Being a “creative” thinker he said that Seattle is “a place where there’s a lot of water” and plans to launch a “Kickstarter” to raise $30 billion for a “water pipeline” from Seattle to Lake Mead in Nevada, which “feeds” water to Arizona, Nevada and California, according to a Yahoo! interview.

Captain Kirk’s proposal involves a 4-feet, above-ground pipeline that would run alongside Interstate 5. “It’s simple. They did it in Alaska, why can’t they do it along Highway 5? This whole area’s about to go under,” said Shatner.

Shower Time 01

David Postman, who works in Governor Jay Inslee’s office is a big “fan” of Shatner, and a former Californian, who “appreciates” Shatner’s enthusiasm:

“But as you know, we have our own drought this year with a widening problem as summer approaches,” Postman said in an email. “Much of the state is under a drought declaration and as much as we’d like to help our neighbors in California, I think Washingtonians would want to first make sure we have enough water before sending any south through the Shatner Dream Pipeline.”


With California going further into drought, the highway “greeneries” are getting their “regimented” morning showers not only from the “sky,” but also from the water pipes that Governor Brown had promised in exchange for their votes.

California is “drying” up every day and soon everyone will be a “raisin.” I am getting lots of “dried fruits” from California so it must be “really” dry.

Shower Time 03

We must “hurry” up before California becomes “another” desert full of “dried nuts and raisins.”

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