Coffee, Tea, or Hillary


Send: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 3:00 AM
To: hillarynationaldelegates

Subject: HRC Super Volunteers 2016.

Dear Supporters,

T’anks for your support. I’m very pleased with all your efforts to intimidate da press. T’anks!

We been brainstorming some ideas on where da campaign should go on da foreign policy issues. I been thinkin’. Everybody seems ta believe dat da fact I took gazillions of foreign bucks from foreigners whilst I was Secretary of State is a liability. Nothin’ could be further from da truth.

Here’s how it is. Dis is how da campaign will work. I’m a workin’ girl. I flew all over da world like a frickin’ international high class gal visiting all those super rich gentlemen and takin’ dem in da Clinton bed for big bucks. All those big leaders of the world are in bed with me and like being in bed with me. I’m on very intimate terms wit’ all of them. Dis is a big plus ’cause I got them all in my hands.


So on da domestic front I’m all ’bout women’s rights and stuff and for international relations an’ foreign policy I’m a high class international workin’ gal who’s got all d’os guys in bed wi’d me.

So, for da campaign everybody can reject da two extremes of da far left Coffee Party or da far right Tea Party. Coffee, Tea, or Me? People will pick da liberated workin’ gal.

Coffee, Tea, or Hillary? Let’s put a international high class workin’ gal in da White House.

Hillary Clinton
send from my “Blackberry” or my “I phone,” I can’t recall which one I used.

Coffee, Tea, or Hillary 01

Think about the Clinton “Dynasty” ending while listening to this:

Hillary Clinton: Empty Skirt for President
Hillary’s Server Was Recently ‘Wiped Clean’
Entitled, Disingenuous Hillary Clinton Will Fund raise Only For Primaries
Hillary’s lawyer discloses she expunged her email server hard drive
Hillary, Benghazi, and Those Troublesome E-mails
Now Hillary Clinton is accused of DELETING all her emails from her private server – while under subpoena

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