It’s Her Job

Salvo 01

Indonesian wear manufacturer “Salvo Sports” caused outrage on social media platforms for printing washing instructions many found “offensive and sexist,” according to the BBC.

Sunday also marked “International Women’s Day,” which is supposed to raise “awareness” about remaining “inequalities” between men and women in many parts of the world.

“Give this jersey to your woman. It’s her job,” the shirts read and worn by the players of Indonesian soccer club “Pusamania Borneo.”

According to Reuters, the Indonesian wear manufacturer reacted to the “backlash” by issuing a “public” apology.

“The message is simply, instead of washing it in the wrong way you might as well give it to a lady because they are more capable,” Salvo said in a statement posted on Twitter.

“There’s no intention to humiliate women. In contrast, we want to tell the men to learn from women on how to take care of clothes because they pay attention to details,” Reuters quoted the company.

For some, however, even the “apology” itself came close to an “insult.”

The embarrassing incident has a serious background: “Human rights organizations have continuously criticized the neglect of women’s rights in Indonesia.”

In its 2015 report, “Human Rights Watch” concluded that the country’s government “should address the rollback in women’s rights over the past decade.”

Many local regulations “require” female students and civil servants, among other women and girls, to wear the “hijab.”

Across the country, female applicants to Indonesia’s National Police must take abusive, degrading, and discriminatory “virginity tests.”

A 2013 report by the World Economic Forum ranked Indonesia 95th in the world in regard to “gender” gaps.

Italy, a country that performed slightly better and came in 71st, was recently “shocked” by an incident similar to the alleged “sexism” of Salvo Sports.

Salvo 04

Give them to your mother, it’s her job.

In mid-February, Italian brand “Shoeshine” was criticized for a washing instruction on “cardigans” that reportedly advised wearers to “give them to your mother, it’s her job.”

According to European news Web site The Local,” local politician Federica Mazzoni officially “complained” about the label and “criticized” the instruction in a Facebook post.

“Doing the washing is not the mother’s job, fathers are also capable of turning a simple knob,” she reportedly wrote.

Salvo 05

The washing label inside the trousers from Madhouse.

Not to be outdone by Indonesia and Italy, this label was spotted inside a pair of “chinos” from the UK discount clothing store Madhouse who apologized for their oversight in not catching the sexist message, promising to be “more careful in future.”

That’s awesome news. Shout out to Indonesia, Italy and the UK! They just go “ham” when it comes to telling it like it is.

I don’t see how this is “insulting” to women whatsoever.

It’s a “scientific” fact that women do “laundry” better than men. It’s not a stereotype if it’s true.

It’s in their DNA to be “genetically” better at “turning” the knob on the washer, “putting” in detergent and clothes, and then “letting” the washer do its thing.

Men are “good” for a few things, but doing “laundry” is not one of them.

What’s hilarious is that “jerseys and trousers” get mass-printed and go through various stages of “print” checking and nobody thought that maybe the “washing instructions” wasn’t such a good idea.

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