The Idiot President

The Idiot President 00

The Idiot President
By Barry Shaw

I’m going to tell you the “truth,” and the thing about the truth is that it “sticks” in your head forever.

This is it – the American President is an “idiot.” In fact, he’s a “dangerous” idiot.

Now I’ll tell you why.

When it comes to “fighting” the spreading cancer of radical “Islamic” terror that is choking the whole of the Middle East and much of Africa the American President has said he sees himself as a “big town mayor” fighting local crime. That’s idiotic!

He sees “ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram” and other groups as “rival” gangs as in West Side Story, not “butchering” terrorists as in East Side Nightmare. That’s idiotic!

When Jews were “targeted” for death in a kosher deli he said they were folks “randomly” shot. That’s idiotic!

When twenty one “Coptic Christians” were beheaded on a Libyan beach for no other reasons except they were Christian, and he called them “citizens.” That’s idiotic!

When he reports the “beheading” of an American journalist and then heads of to “play” golf. That’s idiotic!

The Idiot President 01

The world sees Iran as a “messianic” regime sponsoring “regional and global” terror attacks and feverishly trying to get their hands on a “nuclear” weapon as part of their “apocalyptic” dream, yet the American President is ready to cut them some “slack” and make them a central “strategic” player in the region. That’s idiotic!

The American President sends his Secretary of State around the Arab countries to explain to them what’s in the “nuclear agreement” with Iran, but he won’t send him to Israel, the number “one” target for an Iranian nuclear attack. That’s infinitely worse than being an idiot!

The US-led coalition will not partner with Assad in the fight against ISIS because Assad kills his own people. But the American President will partner with Iran to hit ISIS, even as Iran kills its own people. That’s idiotic!

The Idiot President 03

Now, having read this, I’m sure I’m going to hear that the President is a “genius” and I’m the “idiot.”

OK, so if I’m the “idiot,” at least I’m not a dangerous idiot. But if he’s a “genius,” he’s a dangerous genius. Either way, you lose.

Come to think of it, we all lose.

The Idiot President 04

Barry Shaw is the author of the book “Fighting Hamas, BDS and Anti-Semitism.”

Does anybody brief President Obama about anything?
Perhaps he’ll read it on Al Jazeera


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