Baby Li’l Lager

Baby Li’l Lager 01

These imitation baby beer bottles will let “tykes” knock back their “favorite” formula.

Fred’s Chill “Baby Li’l Lager” is releasing a “formula” bottle that is sure to “question” one’s parenting skills.

The beer “inspired” baby bottle guarantees quite a few “double-takes” as your toddler takes to “chugging” his favorite “formula” in public.

Baby Li’l Lager 04

While it’s not “really” filled with beer, the BPA-free container can hold up to 10 fluid ounces of your “junior’s” favorite “baby formula.”

It’s also made with a “phthalate-free” plastic and a food-grade “silicone” nipple.

The bottle is easy to take apart for “cleaning” for those worried about investing in a “one-time-use” novelty item.

Baby Li’l Lager 02

As a “beer” aficionado , I’d “definitely” make the most of this bottle. Either until the “joke gets old or the kid.” Whichever comes first.

Available from Fred’s and Friends for $12/bottle.

Hopefully everyone who sees this “Baby Li’l Lager” shaped beer bottle will say, “Oh that’s funny” and move on with their day. Unfortunately that’s not the “world” we live in.

These days we live in a world where the Internet pretty much “shuts down” because people can’t agree on what “color” a dress is.

If you think “Baby Li’l Lager” bottles are gonna slip through the “cracks” and go unnoticed with “zero” controversy, that won’t happen.

I wish it would but it won’t. Nothing can just be…….”nothing.”

The PC police is already “screaming” from the rooftops that introducing “beer-themed” items into children’s lives at an early age causes “fetal alcohol syndrome.”

This “Baby Li’l Lager” bottle is a “hilarious” gadget.

Baby Li’l Lager 03

The only thing “funnier” than a kid drinking out of a “look-a-like” beer bottle is a “gay” baby refusing to “suck” at all.



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