Uncle Joe’s Massages

Mensa Massages 06

Uncle Joe “Mensa” Biden clearly takes a “hands on” approach when it comes to his day job as “masseur.”

He loves to give “passionate” massages to “women” everywhere.

Those soft, “angelic” hands are making sure “ladies” all over the world feel the utmost “unwanted” pleasures only Uncle Joe can give.

Mensa Massages 04

Uncle Joe fondling Ash Carter’s wife.

At Defense Secretary Ash Carter‘s “swearing-in” ceremony, Biden got all “touchy feely” with Carter’s wife, Stephanie.

From the pictures, it looks like he’s whispering sweet “Valentine’s” into her right ear while getting a good “whiff ” of her “sexy” body aroma.

Mensa Massages 02

Military chief oblivious as Uncle Joe nibbles on wife’s ear.

She doesn’t necessarily look “uncomfortable,” but then again who “knows” what she was feeling.

Perhaps he was “trying” to be comforting after Stephanie’s “slip on the ice” at the Pentagon while “accompanying” her husband on his “first day” on the job.

In December, 2013, Biden “grabbed” the waist of “The Hill’s” White House reporter Amie Parnes at a White House “holiday” party.

Mensa Massages 05

Clearly laughs were had by all. Happy holidays!

As she appeared to “protect” her underboob, he veered dangerously “close” to her abdomen. The picture “quickly” went viral.

Here are some “other” times Uncle Joe was “caught” squeezing and sweetly “murmuring” in ladies’ ears.

Mensa Massages 07

Love your leather vest. Have you seen “50 Shades of Grey?”

Mensa Massages 08

I need to pat you down to make sure you’re not carrying any weapons.

Mensa Massages 09

Let me be “Secretary of State” when you win in 2016?

Mensa Massages 10

Add me to your “Snapchat.”

Mensa Massages 11

Kiss me, you’re Irish.

Mensa Massages 12

Tell me, whose tie do you like better?

Mensa Massages 14

The Brazilian “drought” has made me super “itchy.”

Mensa Massages 16

Pledging to make every American woman “beach” ready.

Mensa Massages 00

Seen by Obama regime as possible “legitimate” solution to “solve” the ISIS puzzle.

Mensa Massages 17

With Uncle Joe’s “passion,” his love, his care, and above all his “massage” service to the Union, women will be thrilled to “vote” for Uncle Joe’s “erection” in the upcoming presidential “election.”

“Massaging” things, such as employment numbers and inflation statistics, is an “integral” and necessary part of today’s “collective” Leadership proving yet again the great “ability” of President Obama to gather only the “brightest,” most transparent, and most “handsy” adviser to his inner “cabal” clique.

As an added “bonus,” here’s a photo of Uncle Joe trading in his “sweet-ear-whisper” for a “sweet-kiss-on-the-head.”

Mensa Massages 15

Mensa Massages 18

Joe Biden Needs a Tranquilizer Dart: Stephanie Carter Suffers the Veep’s Paws

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