Butt Buddy

Butt Buddies 02

Speaking in Iowa, Vice President “Mensa” Joe Biden called out to his “old butt buddy” Neil Smith, wondering whether his friend was in “attendance” for his speech:

“Neal Smith,” Biden said, “an old butt buddy. Are you here, Neal? Neal, I miss you man. I miss you.”

America’s National Treasure, Vice Premier Joe “Brokeback” Biden has announced that he has a “close” and most “intimate” relationship with someone other than the woman he trusts with his “double barreled” shotgun.

For Valentine’s Day “Brokeback” Joe send an FTD “rainbow “flower bouquet and some Russell Stover heart packed “fudge” to his “butt buddy” Neal.

Butt Buddies 03

Butt Buddies 01

In this “Age of Redefinitions,” it is good to know that Joe “Brokeback” Biden finally comes “out of the closet” to join his nemesis Barry “Bathhouse” Obama in “butt buddy” activities.

Obama and Reggie

Wondering what Reggie Love “thinks” about this new “butt buddy” revelation?

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