True Equality


Have you ever “wondered” what world leaders like “Obama” or the “Pope” look like when they’re “sitting” on the john?

Given all the “important” decisions that today’s “world” leaders often have to “grapple” with, it can be “easy to forget” that when they answer “nature’s call” they’re people just like “you and me.”

We’ve “caught” our leaders with their “pants” down before.


In her series “The Daily Duty”, Italian artist Cristina Guggeri literally “depicts” the world’s most powerful and influential people what they might look like “sitting on the toilet” in a series of images called “Il Dovere Quotidiano.”

It’s her way of “reminding” us that these “larger-than-life” figures are humans too.

“True equality” is probably best achieved through “toilet” humor.

It’s equally “accessible” to all regardless of “race, income, education, gender, or age.”

Furthermore, these “authoritative” leaders are “equal” to each other and to “everyone” else when they “sit” on the “loo,” focusing on their daily “poop” duty.

It is also the “only” place on earth where a guaranteed “equality” of outcomes is not just a “utopian” dream, but a “quantifiable” reality.


Toilet_Leader_BenjaminNetanyahuToilet_Leader_SilvioBerlusconiToilet_Leader_QueenElizabethToilet_Leader_AngelaMerkelToilet_Leader_DalaiLamaToilet_Leader_PopeFrancisToilet_Leader Mario Draghi

Her “creations” include: Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Benjamin Netanyahu, Silvio Berlusconi, Queen Elizabeth II, Angela Merkel, Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, and Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank.

One influential “thought” leader missing in that collection is, of course, “Je suis Muhammad.”


Allah “killed” him for being a “false” prophet and “liar.” How do we “know” this? The Sunnah al hadiths and al Qur’an prove that Muhammad was “poisoned” by Allah. Allah warned Muhammad if he “lied he would die.” His aorta was cut. Inshallah.

If you like these “tongue-in-cheek” images, be sure to check out the rest of Guggeri’s work, because she’s quite a “prolific” artist!

Read on for her answers to Bored Panda’s questions.

“The artistic idea comes from the fact of having to get everyone on the same level.”

”We do our daily duties in the same way. We sit on our ‘Throne’ in silence, only with ourselves.”

“The choice to capture personalities in their ‘daily duty’ is not only the externalization of a idea shared by all, but implies another kind of message. The powerful, being personalities of public importance, should not only perform their physiological duty, but they should realize what ordinary people who elected them expect from them: their ‘daily duty’”

“The inferred purpose of this particular ‘work of art’ is to show that the people who ‘lord’ over us are do not really have ‘special powers’ like the media would like everyone to believe.’”

“People have reacted with a sense of humor. They enjoy the idea that even the powerful of the earth can do their physiological duties as everyone else.”

“The digital photo montage offers different artistic possibilities. It takes a lot of patience to make one work and assemble various pieces of photographs to create a totally new one.”

“The works are made with digital art, with a popular graphics program. They are montages of different pictures even of small parts. It takes a lot of patience, artistic sensibility and a good dose of humor.“

“The project is still in the works, and soon she will release another collection of great personalities.”

Cristina Guggeri is an “experienced” artist with a number of “past” exhibits, but this does seem to be her most “political and socially provocative” work so far.

With millions of “views” worldwide, it also seems like this is also her most “popular” so far.


Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi quipped: “You have to pass shit first to see what’s in it.”

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