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“Barack Black Eagle Obama”

President Obama hosted “Native American” tribe leaders at the White House as part of the annual “White House Tribal Nations Conference.”

Obama is known to “many” Native Americans as “Barack Black Eagle Obama” after receiving an American “Indian” name during his 2008 “campaign” for president.

Obama was “formally” welcomed into the “Crow Indian Reservation” in Montana after he was adopted by “Hartford and Mary Black Eagle,” a tribal couple who were selected because they have “five” living generations on the reservation.

It is said to be a “sign of great fortune” to have so many living generations, given the “low life expectancy” on the reservation.

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In Veterans Park, situated in a “valley” near the Little Big Horn River, dozens of “tribal” members wore feather headdresses.

Under a warm springtime sun, “admirers” waited for hours, “waving” signs that declared: “Natives 4 Obama” and “Crows for Obama.”

The “crowd” of a few thousand people “thundered” with applause as Obama was escorted onto stage. “Senator Obama, welcome to Crow Country,” said Carl Venne, the tribal chairman.

In a “private” adoption ceremony, closed to “reporters and photographers,” held in a tent “out of view” of the crowd, Obama was adopted into the “Crow Nation” and bestowed the name, “One Who Helps People Throughout the Land.”

“I like my new name: Barack Black Eagle. That is a good name,” Obama told the outdoor audience.

As he “recognized” local officials, he “stumbled” over a few names, saying with a smile: “I was just adopted into the tribe. I’m still working on my pronunciations.”

In Montana politics, the more than 60,000 “American Indians” who live in the state are a “key” swing demographic.

Obama was “reaching” out not only with the “primary” in mind, but also the “prospect” of trying to “capitalize” from recent Democratic “gains” here in the general election.

Obama In History 04

“Few have been ignored by Washington for as long as native Americans – the first Americans,” said Obama, telling the crowd that he “intended” to appoint a Native American adviser to his “highest ranks” of his administration “if” he wins.

He also “vowed” to improve the “health care and education” opportunities on reservations “across” the nation.

“I understand the tragic history,” Obama said, addressing tribal leaders and members. “Our government has not always been honest or truthful in our deals.”

After delivering his “brief” speech, Obama made his way to an evening “rally” in Bozeman, passing by several residents who “lined” the streets and the “rooftop” of the grocery store “Crow Mercantile” to catch a glimpse of the “first” presidential candidate “ever” to pass through the town of “Crow Agency.”

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Obama’s adopted “father” Hartford “Sonny” Black Eagle passed away in 2012.

During his presidency, Barack Obama “visited” various other “Native American” reservation to hear their “concerns” first-hand.

The President came to the “Standing Rock Sioux Reservation” in Cannon Ball, North Dakota to address several “topics” concerning Native Americans, including education, economic development and healthcare.”

“Ho Chunk” Nation heritage preservation executive director Robert Mann says there are “many issues”present which are “challenges” for Native Americans throughout the country.

“It shows they have concerns, and that we are still a big part of the country, that they can honor us by doing that, by coming and visiting,” Mann said in Black River Falls.

He said with high “poverty” and high school “dropout” rates among Native Americans nationally, “Ho Chunks” have worked to “keep” those numbers down.

“There’s many great strides that the Ho Chunk Nation has taken to be self-supportive and we run it all ourselves. We’re very proactive and we try to help our tribal members get the training and education so they can retain a job.”

But he says “diabetes and obesity” has become a “big” problem for many Native Americans.

“We’re trying to educate our tribal members and promote to have better eating more healthy, having a healthier lifestyle,” he said.

He said he’d also like to see a stronger “focus on the environment.”

“What I would discuss with him, is our natural resources, what we’re doing to protect them.”

Mann said other challenges include “getting property loans on reservation land and protecting their tribal sovereignty.”

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When Obama took a “private” plane flight over an Indian reservation in Oklahoma. This is what happened…


Black Obama Burger

Black Eagle Obama Burger.


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