Shitty Golfer

Shitty Golfer 05

With all the time President Obama “spends” on the golf course, you’d assume he’d be “pretty” well practiced by now, given that he’s “played” over 200 rounds since taking office.

But according to NBA great and golf “aficionado” Michael Jordan, he gave a “blunt” critique of Barack Obama’s golf “skills” and said the “Commander-in-Chief” still has a long way to go.

Shitty Golfer 06

“Hack” and a “Shitty” golfer.

The six-time NBA champion was asked who he would pick for his “foursome” in a round of golf in an interview with Ahmad Rashad, a friend of Jordan’s who hosts a show on the golf-themed Back 9 Network.

Jordan said “first” he would choose Arnold Palmer, but never got past the description of his “second” choice, Barack Obama.

“I’ve never played with Obama, but I would,” the basketball legend said. “But no, that’s OK, I’d take him out,” but quickly changed his mind saying “It’d be all day playing with him” and calling him a “hack” and a “shitty” golfer.

“Do you really want to say that?” Rashad asked. “He’s the President of the United States; he’s a hack?”

Shitty Golfer 07

Jordan made it clear that “not choosing” Obama had nothing to do with “politics.”

“I never said he wasn’t a great politician, I just said he was a shitty golfer,” said Jordan, who reportedly golf’s with a “3 handicap,” indicating a scoring average in the mid-70s.

Jordan quipped that he could not “finish” answering Rashad’s question because Rashad kept “interrupting” him.

The light-humored “spat” meant that Jordan never got around to “naming” his foursome, although he did have enough “time to tell” Rashad that he wouldn’t be “among” the final four either.

As if six NBA championships and legendary gambling benders weren’t proof enough of Michael Jordan’s competitiveness, he said he wouldn’t golf with President Obama because “POTUS” isn’t good enough.

Pretty straight forward, coming from someone for whom golf is his “third-best” sport. But that’s what you get when you’re a “lame-duck” president.

No one feels the need to “hold back” and just like that, Obama’s “legacy” as a golfer is being “immortalized” in history.

Obama’s “Shankapotomus” golf swing, slice and putting reveals he’s a “duffer” and not much fun to play with.

He is also a notoriously “slow” golfer with rounds lasting up to “six” hours whereas an average golf game “lasts” between four and four-and-a-half hours.

Being a “shitty” golfer is just one more thing on the long list of things our President “sucks” at…with #1 actually “being”President.

Shitty Golfer 02

MJ you’re wrong here. He’s a “shitty” chickenshit president, politician, golfer and basketball player!

Shitty Golfer 04

Obama’s “POTUS” Golf Ball Found In Woods Off First Hole
President Obama is a ‘hack’ and a ‘shitty golfer’ but I’d still hit the course with him, says Michael Jordan

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