Chill Out Moments

Best of Chill Out“Nothing is Impossible”

He loves his wife and then ping pong.

“The importance of Appearance”

You don’t see any “handsome” homeless.

“My Wallet Saved Me Again”

Go in there, and find my wallet. Which one is it? It’s the one that says Bad Motherfucker.

“Great Imitations”

Hilarious Harry Caray Impressions.

“The Running of the Urinals”

Porta Potties Preakness.

“Charcoal and his Bucket”

Charcoal knows how to get most out of life.

“How not to get killed when at Work”

One minute it’s a routine traffic stop, the next second it’s life or death.

“High School Kid imitates Michael Jackson Dance Routine”

With that mop he knew he needed something else in the repertoire.

“Kid’s reaction to meeting a gay couple for the first time is”

Priceless. Kind of proves the gay argument wrong.

“Jordan’s Morning Workout”

Two Minute Dental Care Porno Challenge.

“Rugby Player Throws Monster Haymaker”

It’s called a Wallabies Rugby Dump.

“Which is the Guilty Dog”

Come on, fellas! How ’bout some solidarity?

“Playing Tennis with Google Glasses“

Things we learned about Google Glass after watching this.

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