Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy 01

The restless president, who has compared himself to a “caged animal” on recent wanderings by declaring the “bear is loose,” took a long Father’s Day weekend away with his “wife and older daughter” in California, where the state flag features a “roaming grizzly.”

The visit to the “desert” resort area of Palm Springs is one of the ways Obama has been trying to “escape” during his sixth year “cloistered” in the White House.

Bubble Boy 03

“I think frankly we’ve all been through a cold and bitter winter and the bear has cabin fever,” said Obama friend and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett. “His cabin is a little bit bigger and harder to escape than most.”

Obama has fantasized about being “on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut” or simply being able to “walk out” of the White House gate and stroll around “unrecognized.”

Obama Workout

In California, Obama has “worked out mornings at a gym” near the Rancho Mirage home where the first family is staying with White House decorator Michael Smith and his gay partner, James Costos, the American ambassador to Spain.

They’ll be having a 4-way weekend “fling” together. On taxpayers dime. Obama “demonizes” the 1% richest capitalists while “sucking” their tailpipes and “staining” their bed sheets during “sleepovers” at their home.

The hilltop home has sweeping views, a private tennis court and trapezoid swimming pool. Despite temperatures above 100 degrees, Obama was able to golf at two nearby courses — Saturday at the “Sunnylands” Estate and Sunday at the “Porcupine Creek” Estate owned by software billionaire Larry Ellison.

Bubble Boy 05

Michael Smith’s Rancho Mirage CA winter home where Smith, Costos, and Obama’s are having a sleep-over Jammie party and a little sperm floatin’ party in the pool out back.

Michelle is reportedly very close with home designer Michael Smith, a prominent “gay” interior decorator, who was paid hundreds of thousands in federal tax dollars to “redesign/remodel” the Obama’s residence at the “mulatto” Black House in 2010.

In 2011 Smith was also asked to remodel the “Oral” Office of Barack, with a “no-bid” contract using thousands of taxpayer dollars.

James Costos raised over $500,000 from his Hollywood “butt” buddies in 2011 for Obama’s “re-erection” campaign and then was promptly appointed by Barack as the “Ambassador to Spain” in Jan 2014.

Costos had “no experience” in Foreign Service or being an Ambassador and “does not speak Spanish”, yet alone the Castilian dialect. Costos has a full time job as a “VP at HBO” in global licensing, retail and marketing division. A job he presumably intends to keep.

Bubble Boy 04

James Costos and his gay partner designer Michael Smith.

Costos and Smith “raised” more than 3.5 million dollars for Obama’s campaign between 2011 and 2012, when they loaned the “luxurious penthouse” that they own in Manhattan and the “large mansion” that they share in Los Angeles for several “fundraising” fundraising events. As you can plainly see, “sharing” is a way of life for these truly “patriotic” gay dudes.


Ambassador Stevens’ torture in Benghazi.

Obama has appointed four openly gay ambassadors, like Ambassador Stevens who was tortured in Benghazi, so that “obviously” made James Costos “qualified” in Obama’s eyes.

Obama “interspersed” his four-day weekend with official duties, including “Democratic Party fundraising, a speech on climate change and calls to his national security adviser” discussing military options to stop a “violent insurgency” in Iraq.

As his administration announced that some staff were being “evacuated” from the Baghdad embassy, Obama was on the golf course.


Teleprompter Golf Outing.

Obama seemed “determined” not to let the crisis overseas keep him from getting a “break,” in a time-honored tradition of presidents going on “working” vacations even as some question the “optics.”

“Sometimes when all of the brown stuff is hitting the rotating blades, a vacation is not the best thing to go on,” said Dana Perino, who was President George W. Bush’s press secretary.

She speaks from experience — “Bush vacationed during Hurricane Katrina and made frequent visits to Camp David or his Texas ranch”— to fulfill his desire to get outdoors.

“There were times the president wanted to go on a bike ride,” Perino said, “but I’d have to say, ‘Mr. President, there was a bombing in Iraq,’ or ‘The markets are tanking.'”

Obama has taken three weekends away in a “golf-friendly place” this year after kicking off 2014 on the “links” in Hawaii.

The Obama family also is planning a “longer-than-usual” summer vacation to Martha’s Vineyard for two weeks in August, where last summer the president “golfed nearly every day” on the island.

Obama has golfed “every” weekend since Washington’s weather got clear enough to allow it in April, save a week when he was in Asia.

Those close to Obama say his frequent golf outings are less about a “love of the game” than a desire to take a long walk outside.

Obama also has been seen walking the “darkened” Black House grounds, late into the evening, sometime with one of his dogs.


Last week Obama left his security detail, staff and press corps “scrambling” with the simple act of “spontaneously” walking about 350 yards from the “West Wing to Starbucks.” He told reporters who “rushed” to catch up with him to “give him some space.”

The next day, “unannounced,” he took Education Secretary Arne Duncan out for a burger. He also recently “stopped” by a Little League game and “walked” to an event at the Interior Department near the White House, “shaking” hands with surprised tourists along the way.

“I might walk up to the Lincoln Memorial, sit on there,” Obama said when asked on the “Live with Kelly and Michael” talk show what he would choose if he could do anything unrecognized.

“Maybe I’d wander around and find myself at a little outdoor cafe or something and sit and order something and just watch people go by. The thing you miss most about being president is anonymity.”

You may ask “who the hell cares?”

Anbar Clashes

Iraq blows up while Obama blows gays in Palm Springs.

Well, for one thing we got a few much bigger issues: Iraq is falling, IRS is destroying hard drives, Roaches are streaming into Arizona, Guantanamo is likely closing, Taliban murderers are released from Gitmo to murder again later, Hoards of illegal invaders are pouring over the borders, Tens of thousands of US soldiers are killed and wounded in the Middle East, Iran creates Nuclear bombs, Collapse of the Petro Dollar, Trillions wasted in Iraq/Afghanistan, NSA spying; 2nd Amendment being crushed, Fast N Furious scandal, Climate apocalypse, etc., etc., etc.

As his administration announced that some staff were being “evacuated” from the Baghdad embassy, “Obama was on the golf course.”

How Barry and Michelle get anything done while “imprisoned” in the Black House is a “riddle,” bubble wrapped in “mystery,” inside an “enigma,” because clearly his “accomplishments” surpass all other previous “occupiers” of the White House.

Bubble Boy 02

No one “suffers” as much as Obama does, with the possible “exception” of Hillary Clinton in her “dead broke” days.

Extreme Poverty 06

Of course, it is “important” for the Obama family to spend a few minutes – “now and then” – away from the “turmoil and crushing” duties of life in the “Big Bubble!”

Fighting back “tears” and that “lump” in the throat who among us will object if “they” spend those precious, “fleeting” moments with dear “gay” friends?

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