Hatred for Non-Muslim

Hatred for Non-Muslim 03

Hook-handed hate preacher Abu Hamza telling his followers that killing non-Muslims is justified.

Islam classes in German schools are producing more “hatred for non-Muslim.”

Ulrich Seiser, Germany’s Education Minister, claims Islam “spreads” peace.

Nowhere in the curriculum, he says in the video, does it command Muslim students to hit “non-Muslims” when you find them.

Of course, the Qur’an doesn’t say to hit “non-Muslims” so why should the curriculum say it?

Either this Minister is completely “clueless” or he is hoping no one will find out, what the Qur’an actually says, which is “kill them wherever you find them.”

And you will find them, aplenty. Furthermore, the commands in the Qur’an are not quaint old scriptures: “They are part of Islamic law.”

Denying Islamic law brings the “death penalty,” an action open to anyone to perform without punishment “since it is killing someone who deserves to die” according to the “Manual of Islamic Law.”

Islam is not “pick your own” laws. All the elements of its teachings are “compulsory.”

Relations between Muslims and Germans are “not so good” says one Muslim in the video clip. Huh? Really?? How can that be! Muslims get along with everyone. Surely the whole fault must be with the “bloody kuffars” Germans!

Hatred for Non-Muslim 01

Muslims are forever the victims of “bigotry and Islamophobia!”

That is the only explanation for the 3 Million plus Germans “assaulted” by Muslims in the last decade, and the 7,500 who have died in Muslim “hate” crimes.

Not that it matters to the EU nor the German government.

Muslims did excellent collaborating with Hitler where they found their soul mate. Maybe the current Germans are not fascist enough – “a shocking awakening for Muslims” – who hoped they would be arriving in troves into a mini-European fascist nation where Islam can flourish and grow freely.

I have a great idea and prospect for world “love and peace” to soar when the plan is implemented!

Hatred for Non-Muslim 01

Hating All Infidels

How about sending “Infidels” from non-Muslim countries to all of the cesspool, garbage pit, and slaughterhouses Muslim controlled countries to expose them to all of the “degenerates” found in Western society.

Then they will want to “stay” home, beat up on “women” of their own, wait for the “12th” Imam, kill each “other” and leave the “rest of us” alone.


Every few months call them and tell them you want to come back, just to keep them in line.

Let’s not let facts get in the way of a good, “multicultural narrative”

Islam Is A Call To Kill


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