Bedroom Talk

Hillary Old 02

“Casanova” Bill and “Old Hag” Hillary Bedroom Talk

Saying that the “thought” had been on her mind for a while and that she felt she “needed to bring it out in the open,” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reportedly asked her husband Bill if he still finds her “irresistible.”

According to sources, the 66-year-old stateswoman broached the subject while the two were both “reading” in bed, reportedly with Hillary looking up from her page, before “revealing” to her husband that she “fears” he no longer finds her to be a “desirable” partner.

Hillary Old 00

Bill, I want you to be “honest” with me: “Do my looks still get you excited?” asked Hillary, assuring her husband that she could handle his “candid” answer, but that she would “like to know” one way or the other.

“When you look at me, do you still see someone who can fire up your liberal penis? And don’t just say yes because you know that’s what I want to hear.”

“I just want to know if you still consider me appealing,” she continued, “particularly in comparison to women between 30 and 44.”

Despite the two-term president’s assurances that her “looks have never looked better” and that her best days are ahead of her, the former senator from New York admitted to “worrying” that her husband was growing “uninterested” in her, reportedly claiming that he does not seem to “stump for her” like he used to.

Hillary added that she “did not know” if the thought of seeing her even “excites” him anymore.

Hillary Old 05

“I understand that I’m not the same women I was at 13, or even five years ago. It’s natural for a women figure to change over time,” said Hillary, admitting that, as she has grown older, her “body proportions” have shifted in ways she can’t “compete” with younger women.

“But I haven’t stopped caring about my intimacy with you. I’m still a woman with sexual ambitions.”

When asked if the two still have sex, Hillary replied, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘sex’ means.”

Romance Gone South 03

“Remember back in 2008?” she continued, reflecting on a period when she said her husband used to “repeatedly” tell her she was his “favorite.”

“I remember the passion in your voice, and how you used to call out my name.” It seemed like you were always in the “mood” for me. But now I sometimes wonder if this is even the same “romantic” partnership.

When reminded by her husband that they “socialized” on two different “fundraising” galas, the former first lady reportedly responded by saying that she could tell he was “not into her” on either occasion, adding that “showcasing” her shouldn’t seem like it’s a “chore” to him.

Romance Gone South 04

Bill posing for an impromptu photo with two porn stars, Tasha Reign and Brooklyn Lee, at a casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco, where Clinton attended a “Nights in Monaco” fundraising gala. Lee won the coveted award for Best New Starlet at the 2012 AVN Awards. She shared four other awards, including “Most Outrageous Sex Scene.”

Sources confirmed that Hillary grew increasingly “agitated” at her husband, telling the 42nd president of the United States that she felt as if he “failed” to even notice her recent efforts to seem more “delectable.”

According to accounts, she then asked her husband straight forward if he could even name a single one of her “body parts” that truly “grabbed” his attention.

“When was the last time you told me I’m the women this country wants—that I’m what this country needs?” she said, adding that if he truly sees her as the most “beautiful” women he should say so because she “can’t read his mind.”

“I just want you to make me feel like I am the only women in your life.”

Embrace the Suck 03

“Would you like me more if I were a “firebrand” like Monica?” she abruptly demanded to know after several moments of silence.

According to reports, Hillary then asked the former “commander-in-chief”  if he still likes to “fantasize” about her?

Not a smidgen 05

She allegedly “cut off his response” by suggesting that, “at this point what difference does it make,” he probably likes to picture “Elizabeth Hurley or Gennifer Flowers” when he does.

Sources confirmed that after pausing to “regain her composure,” Hillary softly added that she still considers her husband “desirable,” but claimed that it’s different for a “womanizer” like Bill.

After Hillary stated that the conversation was “going nowhere” and suggested that the pair just “drop the subject” and go to sleep, sources noted that Bill wondered “aloud” why his wife even reads magazines like “Cosmopolitan” if she knows they always make her “feel this way.”

Bill Clinton 01

Minister of Truth: “After having sexual affairs with Barbra Streisand, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Elizabeth Hurley, Maria Furtwängler, Belinda Stronach, Naomi Robson, Marjorie “Markie” Post, Patricia Duff, Elizabeth Ward, Sally Perdueis, Dolly Kyle Browning, plus another dozen or so prostitutes and Bimbos I raped over the last 30 years I no longer have any intimate relations with old hag Hillary.”

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Romance Gone South 02

Bill Clinton’s Sexual Appetites
Sung to the tune of She’s Always A Woman

She was 19 years old…I loved her English eyes
She was telling me no, that’s a word I despise
So I took what I wanted, I’ll take what I see
She cried like a child
But she’s just a dumb woman to me

She was just 22…and at Yale we studied
Recollection’s not clear…but she might have been bloodied
Though she talked to the police, they just let me go free
One more score I can count
And she’s just a dumb woman to me

I always take what I want…I will never hear “no”
If they fail to comply
Don’t they all know who I am…who do they think they are
They should not ask me why

She’s a real beauty queen…Miss America winner
I used power and fear…and then I enjoyed dinner
I warned her not to talk…she’d be sorry, you see
I would blame it on her
‘Cause she’s just a dumb woman to me

(short musical interlude)

I always take what I want…I will never hear “no”
If they fail to comply
Don’t they all know who I am…who do they think they are
They should not ask me why

One was really too kind…and no challenge at all
I got into her room…there was no one to call
I ripped clothing and hurt her…she couldn’t get free
There were tears in each breath…as I scared her to death
But she’s just a dumb woman to me

“We do not believe that violence against women is “simply cultural” — we believe it is simply “criminal”. I am proud that my husband has stood up as President to confront the violence and to protect American women.” – Hillary Clinton

Hillary Orgasm-on-Demand-for-When-Hubby-Can't-Get-Up

Hillary “Orgasm-on-Demand” for when Hubby can’t get up


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