Bieber Fever

Bieber Fever 01If a News Channel “interrupts” a member of Congress mid-sentence, one might assume that the “breaking news” would be of considerable urgency.

Not with Justin Bieber in “trouble.”

MSNBC interrupted former Rep. Jane Harman, Democrat of California, as she “earnestly” applied her expertise to discuss the “NSA Task Force” report, so they could tell the world that the baby-faced “swag demon” had been arrested in Miami, Fl.

“Congresswoman, let me interrupt you just for a moment, we have some breaking news out of Miami,” anchor Andrea Mitchell said without a “hint of irony”, casually chipping away at the “dignity” of news reporting with a “pick axe” molded from the sharp, shattered “discards” of our national soul.

MSNBC further showed every detail of the historic “adrenaline-packed” police chase.

It seems a cause “célèbreakdown” trumps analysis of our right to privacy.

As Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach and charged with a DUI, resisting arrest, driving on a suspended license, and 3 counts of being “too gay” even for South Beacher’s he enjoyed himself immensely in jail.

Apparently Justin has been “dying” to spend some time in the “slammer”, and get him some of that “caged heat”.

As you can see in the dual “mug shot” below Justin Bieber couldn’t stop smiling from “ear to ear” as he was roughly striped searched and “hauled” off to jail.

Bieber Fever 05

That mug shot of Justin Bieber is in fact a “before and after” shot. The first picture (the original mug shot) was taken when Bieber first “arrived” at the prison. The second was taken when Bieber was “leaving.”

As you can see from this before and after shot, Bieber took to his position as “white” prison bitch very well. In fact, he excelled at being a “prison bitch” so much that the Warden has invited him back for regular “conjugal visits” with the inmates.

According to corrections officers Bieber has been a “model inmate”, and has been making lots of friends especially among the “blacks.” One officer was even able to snap this pic of Justin and his “celly” Jamtarcious Jones getting “consensual” acquainted.

Bieber Fever 02

Clearly Justin Bieber is going to have the “time of his life” when he finally gets put away for good.

Bieber Fever 00

Bieber is the absolute worst. Here is on the beach in Panama City looking like a total “douche.” And that’s all there is to say about that.Bieber Fever 06It’s all a part of the “liberal” media’s attempt at covering up the “truth” about Justine Bieber and his other “persona”, Miley Cyrus.

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