Next Up, Immigration!

Next up Immigration 00Some “good news” at last.

The illegal immigrant crisis has been solved.

Just a few years ago, it was estimated that 25 million “illegal” immigrants had “invaded” our country, drawn by free healthcare and generous welfare payments.

The drain on “social” services and the “economy” in general has been substantial.

Many dozens of “hospitals” have been driven into bankruptcy. So have entire towns.

The people running the media “helpfully” cut the crisis in half by saying “12 million” instead of 25 million.

While this helped, the “crisis” was still serious; the resulting “voter fraud” may even have contributed to disastrous election results.

But now the “geniuses” at UC Berkeley have discovered a total cure for the infection.

Next up Immigration 02

The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term “illegal immigrant” from its discourse, deeming the phrase “racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.”

In an unanimous vote, student senators passed a resolution that stated the word “illegal” is “racially charged,” “dehumanizes people”, and contributes to “punitive and discriminatory actions aimed primarily at immigrants and communities of color.”

Next up Immigration 03

True…but still illegal

Even at Berkeley, a lonely “wisp” of independent “thought” attempted to break through the “politically” correct group-think.

It was not well received. The lone “abstention” came from student Senator Solomon Nwoche.

Next up Immigration 11

Nwoche said while he “sympathized” with the situation, he thinks the “resolution” does not accomplish “anything” substantial.

He added he was “disappointed” in how a student who spoke “against” the resolution at an earlier meeting was “treated” by student senators, who “laughed or had their backs turned” when the “lone” protestor addressed the dais.

Next up Immigration 04

True…if they are legal…

The resolution passed 18-0; therefore, we no longer have any “illegal” immigrants in this country, because there is no longer such a thing as an “illegal” immigrant.

They no longer exist.

Next up Immigration 08

As a “direct” result of the UC Berkeley Student Government resolution, Obama has directed that “immigration reform” shall be “solved” by the end of the year.

Website designs based on the “healthcare” model are being “converted” into bilingual languages and dialects, with “mobile” application programming.

Next up Immigration 07

Barrels of Obama “phones” are being positioned at every “immigration” site along the southern border in order that “undocumented” workers can become US “voting citizens” via cell phone at the moment they “cross” the border.

Next up Immigration 09

To that end, teams of Obama programmers are using “Responsive Web Designs”, which will be responsive to whatever Obama utters as the “Law of the Land” at any given moment.

Knowing that there will be no “opposition” after the recent “shut-down” victory, a new “Statue of Liberty”, featuring a happy “mariachi” band figure, has been placed at the “Otay Mesa” point of entry between the USA and “former” Mexico.

Next up Immigration 12

Amigos, nos dejan partido!  (Friends, let’s party!)

Next up Immigration 01

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Next up Immigration 06

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