Lunatic Russell Brand

Lunatic Russell Brand 05Lunatic Russell Brand, worth an estimated $15 million dollars according to, thinks “profit is a filthy word.”

In an interview with BBC’s Jeremy Paxman, the British-born comedian also admits he has never “voted”, calls for a “revolution” he can barely explain and blames the British political system for the “drug problem” he had when he was younger.

Lunatic Russell Brand 04At a recent GQ Awards dinner co-hosted in London by fashion giant Hugo Boss and GQ magazine, Brand, an “iconoclast” well known for stirring up trouble at every opportunity, slammed London Mayor Boris Johnson for “making light” of the use of chemical weapons in Syria, joked that GQ now stood for “genocide quips,” and then went after Hugo Boss, “linking” him to the Nazis of WWII.

Quipped Brand, “…if any of you know a little bit about history and fashion, you’ll know that Hugo Boss made the uniforms for the Nazis. And the Nazis did have flaws. But they did look fucking fantastic, let’s face it, while they were killing people on the basis of their religion and sexuality.”

Lunatic Russell Brand 00Hugo Boss reportedly paid upwards to £250,000 to “co-host” the awards dinner only to have Brand “cast” them with the “Nazis.”

GQ was not “amused”, and so sent all mentions of Brand down the Internet “memory” hole despite that the magazine had “awarded” him the “Oracle Of The Year” award at that very dinner.

The website Vocativ also reports that GQ “removed” Brand from its “print” magazine, too.

“The only evidence of Brand that remains on the GQ website,” Vocativ says, “is a list of winners from the night’s live blog, but if you click on Brand’s name, it goes to a “404: File Not Found.”

It is certainly “true” that Hugo Boss founder, Hugo Boss himself, was an “admitted” Nazi and did “manufactured” the uniforms for the German Army.

Brand, the “sex addict, reformed junkie and self-confessed egomaniac” explained himself in a UK Guardian website.

“The jokes about Hugo Boss were not intended to herald a campaign to destroy them. They’re not Monsanto or Halliburton, the contemporary corporate allies of modern-day fascism; they are, I thought, an irrelevant menswear supplier with a double-dodgy history,” Brand wrote.

Can’t run from “stupidity”

Profit is a Filthy Word

George Clooney ($160 million)
Nancy Pelosi ($35.5 million)
Barack Obama ($12.5 million)
John McCain ($10.5 million)
Lindsey Graham ($1.5 million)

Lunatic Russell Brand 02

Lunatic Russell Brand 03

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