White House Cinema

Scandal Movies 03

The president hosting Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and other Donor luminaries.

Recent “controversies” in the Obama administration, and a Steven Spielberg directed “spoof” starring “Obama playing Obama” has generated immense “curiosity” nationwide what are the top Obama “Scandal Movie” titles?

Every U.S President has had a “scandal”, and Obama has been facing a backlash over the recent “IRS trouble, Benghazi disaster, Syrian war proclamation” among many other “UN-presidential” decisions.

It’s not been a great start to the “second” term for Barry, and as his popularity “tanked” in polls nationwide, it “raised” awareness in people to see him star in “scandal movies.”

Here is a collection of “Scandal Movies” starring Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama that go a long way toward explaining the “corrupt” culture of Washington and the powerful men who “live and abuse” it.

In “alphabetical” order:

A Day Without A Mexican Voter

Above The Law

Admission Impossible

Abortionist Obama and Twin Brother Gosnell

After Freedom What’s Next

Air Force One

America 2016

An Inconvenient Constitution

All the President’s Plunder Men 

Apologize Now

Apt Pupil

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Atrocity of Dope

Back In Action

Barack! 08

Barackalypse Now

Barack’s Amazing Stories


Barry Gump

Barry Squatter and the Money on Fire

Barry’s Stash


Big Brother is Watching

Black Dynamite

Black Guy

Born Again Pandoran

Born On the 4th of July in Kenya

Boss Nigger

Brokeback Obama

Brokeback Recession

Broken Silence

Burn After Reading

Burned After Reading the IRS Memos

By The People

Call of Duty

Children of a Lesser Tax Bracket

Chronicles of Benghazi

Citizen Blame


Commie Tunes

Confront and Conceal

Cult You Can Believe In

Culture of Corruption

Dawn of the Democrats

Deconstructing Obama

Dependence Day

Depraved Hearts

Dirty Barry

District of Corruption

Do As I Say or You will be Sorry

Doctor Chicago

Dog Day Afternoon Snack

Drafted One Hundred Days

Dreams of Obama

Driving Us Crazy

Dude, Where’s My Drone?

Dumb and Dumber


Eight Below

Election Day 2012

Enter Abbottabad

Eternal Sunshine of the Blameless Mind

Exit Through Free Gift Shops

Fall of the Republic

First Blood Part II

Forrest Gump

Fifty First Intimidates

Forgetting who was at the Embassy in Benghazi

Four Americans and a Funeral

Four Scandals and a Cover Up

Full 10 Round Metal Jackets

Fright Night 2012

Gangster Government

Gone With the Spin

Gone With The Irrelevant Wind

Gone With The Windbag

History Of The World Part II

Honey, I Shrunk the Economy

Hoodz: Barack Obama

How to Give Free Entitlements

How to Lose an Election

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

How to Succeed As President Without Really Trying


I Don’t Know What My Administration Did Last Summer

I Love The Smell Of Algae In The Morning

Illegal Alien vs. Predator Drones

Imagine That

Inauguration Day


In Too Deep

I, Obama New Hampshire: Act 2

IRS The Auditor

It Could Have Been Worse

It’s Howdy Doodat Time

It’s A Terrible Life


Judgment at Obamaberg

Kill Bill of Rights Vol. 2

Kindergarten President

Kung Fu Red Panda


Liar, Liar

Lie Harder and Often

Life Was Beautiful Before

Life Politic

Lord of The Onion Rings

Malice in Blunder Land

Me, Myself and the IRS

Mensa Biden the People’s Monster

Michelle Obama In Big

Mister Obama’s Neighborhood

Money Stall

Most Glorious Bastard

Mr. & Mrs. Caucus

My Life as an Idiot

My Money goes to Washington

Nightmare on Pennsylvania Street

November 2012

Obama Anak Menteng

Obama Babes

Obama’s Big Adventure

Obama’s Deal


Obama Playing Obama

Obama Man


Obama Strain

Obama Trek

Obamolini, The Untold Story

Occupy Wall Street

O’ Muslim Brotherhood, Where Art Thou?

One Hundred Days Later

Our White House

Planet of the Shovel-Ready Apes

Political Power

Politics Has Never Been More Funny

Pork Pie, The Wedding

Pork Floats

President Evil

Psycho 08

Raging Bullshit

Rain Man


Ratman Begins

Reefer Madness

Robbing the Hood

Rookie Of The Year

Rules For Revolution

Sandra Fluke Does Dallas

Saving Private Ryan unless he’s in Benghazi

Saw Nothing (Parts I,II,III,IV,V,VI)

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Sham Wow

Silence of the Scams


Solyndra Green

Space Odyssey 2012

Spin Masters

State Dinner For Schmucks

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Swindler’s List

Take the Money and Run

Taxes Chainsaw Massacre

The 46-Year Old Political Virgin

The Amazing Spider-Man

The American Who Went Up a Mountain and Came Down a Hill

The Atrocity of Dope

The Baracky Horror Picture Show

The Curious Case of Bumbling Biden

The Dark Knight Rises to the Presidency

The Day Of The Jackass

The Day After Next Tuesday

The Death of a Nation

The Drone Ranger

The Economist

The Empire Strikes Taxpayers

The Enemies Within

The Four Horse Women

The Fluke Condom Sheik

The Good, The Bad and The First Lady

The Great Betrayal

The Great Dictator

The Hairy Story of the Code Pink Women

The Illusionist

The Irrelevant

The Jerk

The King’s Teleprompter Speech

The King Speechless

The Last Straight Boy Scouts

The Last White House of the Left

The Legend of the Black Rider

The Liar, The Witch, and the War Room

The Lying King

The Man Who Never Was

The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden

The Music Man

The Obama Deception

The Obama Effect

The Obama Hate Machine

The Obamas

The Obama White House

The Obamians

The Out of Office Countdown

The Passion of the Anti-Christ

The Patient who died because of Obamacare

The Perfect Storm

The Phantom of the Presidency

The Post American Presidency

The Power of Change

The Red Balloon

The Road We’ve Traveled

The Ron Paul Redemption

The Shotgun Redemption

The Sting

The Thief of Washington

The Three Stooges

The Un-Usual Suspects

The Voting Death

The Wright Stuff

There Will Be Taxes


Twilight Of a Precedent

Uncle Sam’s Travels

Unemployed on the Waterfront

Utmost Intolerance 

Von Biden’s Express


War Is Peace

Washington D.C. Shuffle

We’ve Got Your Mail

Where’s The Birth Certificate

White House Down

White House Kids

Winning is my Destiny

You No

Darn! So many great titles, so little time ….

Scandal Movies 02

First Lady Michelle Obama greets White House associates in the White House theater in appreciation for their donated time and help.

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