Beer Prank

Beer Aficionadas 01

Generally, the point of a “prank” is to do something to either “annoy or physically” harm someone for your benefit.

But a group of “dudes” in New Zealand pulled the “nicest” prank of all time on one of their friends: “They replaced his entire plumbing system with kegs of beer so that nothing but cold, delicious ale came out of his faucets.”

Me and the boys played a bit of a “joke” on our mate Russ.

Kegs of beer have been plumbed into “every tap” in the house, with loads of cameras to “catch” the hilarious action when Russ and his wife return home.

Took us all day to set up but it was worth it when the icy cool beer came pouring out.

I wish I had some friends like these “beer aficionados”

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