Take Ten Pills and You’re Fine

GOT DRUGS? The D.E.A. is calling on Americans to “empty” their medicine chests and turn in their private “stash” of potentially dangerous pharmaceuticals.

But what’s more American than “self-medication?”

And how else to make it through “election and erection” seasons?

Republicans “oppose” such sweeping confiscations and the “Pledge to America” taking a limited-government approach, promises to seize only any “unspent stimulus.”

Nancy Pelosi “explains” in song why Congress is not “covered” by ObamaCare.

They have their “own plan” that gives them “special benefits” and heavy “drug use” may be the “reason that Congress is so ineffective.”

Below is the original version of “Ten Pills and You’re Fine,” written and performed by the Capitol Steps as a parody of Michel Legrand’s “The Windmills of Your Mind.”

It’s a “cool” melody and the Capitol Steps version is “pretty” funny.

This was performed at Mason District Park in Annandale, VA, on June 25, 2010. Hope you like it!

I laughed so hard that tears ran down my tingling (Chris Matthew) leg.


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