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Nipple Tattooing

Nipple tattooing, or “tittooing” as it is nicknamed, is the latest beauty “craze” for women.

It is a process which “originated” as a medical procedure for “breast” reconstruction.

Now, it serves as a “cosmetic” procedure for women to “darken, enlarge and define” their “nipples” and the surrounding “areola.”

The “semi-permanent” treatment gives them their “perfect nipples” and can last a “life-time” with regular “top-ups.”

Gail , an independent clinician, tattoos the “nipples” of more than three women a week and has seen a “huge” increase in young women coming in for the latest “cosmetic” trend.

She explains: “A lot of people want their nipples made darker.”

It’s the latest fashion.

Some people think their “nipples” are too “pink” or their boyfriends “want” them done.

I think sometime they are “doing it” because they are conscious of them being “pale” and they think it’s “fashionable” to have dark nipples.

“The girls get them done so they can go topless and not be embarrassed, or when they’re in a changing room and getting changed. They can go on holiday in front of their partners, go for massages, spray tans and just not be conscious of their body.”

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The two-hour procedure for both “nipples” lasts around 12 to 18 months and “top-ups” are recommended to “restore” any color lost as the “ink” fades over time.

The nipples are made to look “natural” by matching ink colors to “skin” tones, which are then “shaded” and tattooed on to the “anesthetized” nipple.

Several weeks “after” the procedure, it is all “repeated” to restore “fading” and add “finishing” touches.

Nipple “tattooing” is rapidly catching up with “vajazzles,” designer “vaginas” and “boob” jobs as the latest “cosmetic” procedure available to women worldwide.

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Danielle Price, a technician says: “A lot of people still don’t know about it, but it is definitely getting more popular. I have seen a huge change in clientele. They used to be so much older and professional. Now I’m getting really young girls aged 18 to 25.”

“Some girls do come to me and say their boyfriends will like it more. It’s a bit worrying to think they would go out and get it done just because of that, and I wouldn’t do it for them until they were sure they wanted it. The younger generation are so hung up on everything being just so, it’s quite sad really.”

Claire Jagger, 38, had her “nipples tattooed” after having a boob job.

She says: “To me, it was the finishing touch after getting my breasts done. My nipples were quite fair in color, no different from any ordinary girl, but I wanted to enhance them to make them darker. I wanted the shape to be perfect, and now I feel great because I have absolutely perfect nipples.”

The idea of “perfect nipples” may be born out of seeing “glamour” models, but many women are having their “nipples” done for other reasons.

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Danielle explains, “Often women have one breast bigger than the other, so having their nipples tattooed can create symmetry. For women who have pale or patchy nipples as a result of skin conditions, it can restore the color. It can also define the areola for women whose nipples have changed after breast implants.”

Michelle, a 32-year-old mum, had her nipples done to make them bigger and darker. “My nipples were very small and childlike. I felt like a young girl,” she says. “My boobs grew when I was younger but my nipples didn’t, and they didn’t have rings, so they looked a bit wrong. I decided to get it done and it was quite a simple procedure, really straightforward, quick and didn’t hurt.

“It was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I know my boobs aren’t on show but it has still given me so much more confidence. My new nipples are better than any natural ones I could have had. When I go swimming now I’m not self-conscious about my nipples showing through my bikini. With my partner I didn’t want to take my bra off before but now that’s gone, so our relationship is better. I feel more out-going and more content in my body.”

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Piercing and Tattooing

Graham Offer of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, stresses: “If people are going to get it done they need to go to a proper medical tattooist rather than down to the local tattoo parlor.”

He “warns” that although the procedure is “medically” safe, women must think about the effects.

“I’d recommend people give it consideration and thought because it’s permanent and you don’t know what the effects will be as the breast changes over time. The nipple-aureola complex will change with pregnancy, so people need to think about their future.”

As “Glamazons” take grooming one step further by “darkening and defining” their nipples with “tattoos” striving for “perfect boobs” women like Claire and Michelle are already thinking of their future – “a future filled with spray tans, bikinis and perfect nipples.”

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