My Lord and Savior

 First of all, give an honor to God and our “lord and savior” Barack Obama.

The “Django Unchained” star made sure to give Obama this “spiritual shout out at the previously recorded Soul Train Awards broadcast on BET.

I guess for “black America” Obama really “IS” the messiah.

One would think all the “Messiah-like buzz” around Barack Obama would have faded over the past four years. After all, not only did President Obama not deliver on his otherworldly hype, he proved to be a nasty, divisive politician during his successful run for re-election.

As evidenced by the ongoing barrage of Internet outraged posts the falling star may want to start praying that his “lord and savior Barack Obama” can perform a miracle and raise what may be a mortally wounded career from the dead.

In the wake of Foxx’s spiritual shout hundreds of irate fans are making the cyber pilgrimage to let Jamie know that they will no longer be supporting his “paycheck.”

“You just killed your Career,” Chris Moore informed the now rabidly unpopular actor/comedian on Tuesday.

“I will be boycotting anything you do,” vowed Carole Sue Buttke, “along with all the other idiots who think Barack Obama is Lord and Savior.”

“I am no longer a fan of Jamie Foxx!” Laura Beth DuPree testified. “Who do you think you are? Satan? Yeah! Shame on you. There is only one Lord and Savior, Jesus.”

Although Tami L. Crisp “was really looking for to seeing Django,” because of his “recent comments,” she has now decided “to pass.”

Mary Baker’s pledge was more direct and far more encompassing.

Dear Mr. Foxx, Just wanted to make it known to you, that I will NO LONGER be watching ANYTHING that you’re in. I can NOT and will NOT support you, or your paycheck. I am not going to be INSULTED by you or anyone else, and as a CHRISTIAN, you have INSULTED me. OBAMA IS NOT OUR LORD AND SAVIOR he is NOT JESUS CHRIST, and he is NOT GOD!!!!. I will not be going to see any movie in the theaters, I will not be watching any movie on TV or renting anything that has you in it. if you come upon my TV screen, I will be changing channels. You have LOST A FAN. Thank you for showing your true colors. An Ex Fan.

“I used to like you until today,” Art Cavazos lamented on Foxx’s Facebook page Tuesday. “I’m an American Hispanic so it’s not a race thing. No need to go there. I will never again see anything that you star in, produce, or are remotely affiliated with. A public apology would take care of this if you value your fan base. We all get second chances. If you stand by what you professed, then we are through.”

Along with telling “every person” she comes in contact with to “BAN ALL” of his “Movies etc,” Maria Concepcion said she won’t even watch BET anymore.

Calls to boycott Foxx are also popping up on Twitter and blog forums.

On 100 Percent FED Up – a Facebook page dedicated to the memory of Andrew Breitbart – nearly 1,700 likes and over 600 comments followed the posting of a photo of Foxx with the word “IDIOT” stamped across the bottom.

Thus far, Foxx has been silent about his faux pas backlash. He has not responded to any of the Facebook comments. Strangely, his Twitter account is completely void of any mention of the incident.

As reported by The Blaze, Foxx’s comment became the subject of Monday’s discussion for Sean Hannity’s panel on Fox News. Hannity said the “lord and savior” remark is a “reminder of how obsessed left-wing celebrities really are with President Obama.”

“I understand how African-Americans and Jamie Foxx could be very proud,” said comedian Paul Mercurio. “They’re proud of their heritage and they’re proud Obama is in the White House, and good for them,” he added. Yes, it’s over the top…He’s not our savior. And the tip-off is, you don’t need “ObamaCare” if you have the ability to “cure lepers” with a mere touch. If he’s the savior he should be able to do that.

Radio host Mary Walter was considerably less forgiving. “The intellectually superior don’t need the crutch of religion,” she said bluntly. “You know, those of us who are clinging to our guns and religion — we’re somehow less evolved.” It’s about a societal religion as opposed to a church religion, because if the government gives you everything, the government becomes your religion, and he’s our leader.

A similar observation was posed by Examiner on Monday. Ironically, while liberals demand “separation of church and state” — a phrase that appears nowhere in the United States Constitution — they seem all too eager to establish “the state” as the nation’s “church,” with Obama as its “official deity.”

As Jenniefer Brett reported for Access Atlanta Tuesday, Foxx’s comment even “prompted a response from the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the United States. Foxx’s epiphany is startling,” Brett quoted league president Bill Donahue saying in a statement.

It just goes to show that even though Obama did not succeed in stopping the oceans from rising “as he promised to do in 2008”, he did succeed in convincing Jamie Foxx, and no doubt legions of others, that God exists. Whether God can survive an ACLU lawsuit accusing him of violating church and state grounds remains to be seen.

While it remains to be seen how much damage Foxx wrought upon his career with his pronouncement that Obama is ” our lord and savior,” there is a sad irony to the story of his self-inflicted fall from grace.

Born on December 13, 1967, Foxx was raised by his grandparents after his parents separated. His real name is Eric Bishop. According to Visionary Artist Magazine, his “deeply religious” grandmother “made sure that her grandson developed a relationship with God.”

By the time Jamie was fifteen years old, he was a choir director at Terrell’s New Hope Baptist Church, located in Terrell Texas, where he grew up.

“My grandmother was 60 years old when she adopted me,” Foxx said in an interview with Time Magazine’s Josh Tyrangiel. “She ran a nursery school and had a library in the house. She saw me reading early, saw I was smart and believed I was born to achieve truly special things.”


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