Get Rid of Boehner

Want hope? Want change? Then you want a new GOP “Speaker of the House” for the 2013 term.

The official White House lawn jockey and boozer of the House said to Obama “This is your moment — we want you to succeed.”

It is time for the GOP House majority to fire this asshole.

How to get rid of “House Squeaker Boehner?” Bombard the GOP House. The GOP runs on money. Not getting rid of Boehner, means no more donations.

1-Here’s the list of GOP House members and contact info:

2-Here’s the list of GOP Senate members and contact info: … rs_cfm.cfm

3-Here’s a story about some of the big GOP donors: … e5b89.html

4-MOST IMPORTANT: Spread this DEMAND and this info to every blog you can think of — we’ve got to gain momentum. We have two months. Spread this information to like minded friends and family as well.

We’ve desperately got to get rid of this “crying bum.” The Democrat media will protect Boehner, because they know he will sell us out.

Will you be one of those who stands by and does nothing to “get rid of this clown” as Speaker before the new Congress begins in January?

If not, get ready and start “emailing.” Time is short and we need to get rid of this “buffoon.” We need a real speaker, not a “whiny squeaker!”

Here is what Mark Levin said:

“We conservatives, we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny. Period. We will not negotiate the terms of our economic and political servitude. Period. We will not abandon our child to a dark and bleak future. We will not accept a fate that is alien to the legacy we inherited from every single future generation in this country. We will not accept social engineering by politicians and bureaucrats who treat us like lab rats, rather than self-sufficient human beings.”

 Something to Cry About


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