Obama In Effigy

The Qur’an-hating Florida pastor who ignited an international furor by threatening to burn a pile of Qur’an has applied his subtle touch to the 2012 presidential campaign by constructing a gallows from which a likeness of President Barack Obama now hangs in effigy.

The display in the front yard of Terry Jones’ “Dove World Outreach Center (DWOC)” in Gainesville features a dummy wearing an Obama mask hanging from a yellow noose. Along with an American flag and a rainbow-striped gay pride flag, the scene includes an Uncle Sam dummy and a child’s doll hanging from the right hand of the Obama figure.

Nearby, the words “Obama is Killing America” are printed on a trailer. So, it appears, the creepy Jones is returning the favor. Despite the small size of his following, Jones has had an outsized impact due to his “inflammatory and shameless tactics,” which included his 2010 threat to burn Korans on the anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks.

Jones said the flag was meant to call attention to Obama’s stance on “same-sex marriage” and that the baby doll is there because the president is “favorable toward abortion.” He also said that radical Islam is “the most dangerous threat to life and national security in America.”

He told a local news station: “It’s very clearly not a death threat. It is to represent that he is to…let’s say…die politically, if you want to put it like that.”

The DWOC has been criticized for cult-like rules detailed in an “Academy Rulebook” prepared by Jones’s wife, Sylvia, a co-pastor. For example, individuals studying to become ministers were directed to cut off most contact with family members. “Family occasions like wedding, funerals or Birthdays are no exception to this rule,” church goers were warned. “No phone calls. Exceptions can be made under certain circumstances but only after receiving permission.”

The DWOC’s “Academy Rulebook,” a copy of which you’ll find here, was created in November 2007. The document, which details the standards to which a prospective DWOC minister must adhere, addresses topics such as behavior, study, and communication. It is also filled with the kind of creepy directions that are often associated with cults.

The Joneses also barred “Singles” from having “romantic relationships to the opposite sex…Except work things, there is no need to talk at all, or even flirt!” Students were barred from “eating out in restaurants” and warned that they would be weighed “once a week to follow the tendency,” an apparent reference to a weight goal established by the Joneses.

The rulebook which is riddled with “misspellings and grammatically challenged” notes that students must “wash or shower at least once a day but not more than 2 a day,” and make sure to cleanse “mouth, sweat areas, hair, feet and hands.”

My question is “How is this pastor’s actions helping spread the Gospel of Christ?” The only answer can be “it doesn’t!” In the end, all it will do is drive people away.

Maybe he should go back and read Matthew 5 – 7.

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