Genital Sonic Blasts

It seems an unlikely treatment, but impotent men are being offered what is claimed to be the first permanent cure for their condition, “a sonic blasts applied to the affected genital area.”

The sound-wave treatment is being hailed as an alternative to drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. But while medication treats symptoms, the new sonic therapy is said to tackle the cause. Erectile dysfunction, which affects up to a quarter of men over 40, is most commonly caused by the hardening of the arteries, restricting blood flow.

But pioneers of the ED1000 treatment say the vibrations encourage new blood vessels to form. Although the treatment sounds discomfiting – “it involves directing pressurized sound waves directly on to the penis” – patients have been assured that it is pain-free.

Those undergoing the procedure – which involves 12 quarter-hour  sessions over a nine-week period –  are told to expect a tapping sensation as 100 blasts of sound waves are delivered each minute, followed by a tingling feeling afterwards.

“The ideal candidates are those who have a physical explanation for their impotence, such as hardened arteries or diabetes.” It will not work if the problem is “psychological or stress-related.” But the results so far are really very encouraging.

It sure sounds like men are just not that sexually interested in their partners anymore and using impotence as an excuse. I know many who get up ridiculously early in the morning to go to work, then stop in at the bar on their way home, and early to bed… “got an early start tomorrow dear…”

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